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Page: 1  2  3  4  5 Introduces VisualScript™ XML   (7/30/2003), the leading provider of easy-to-use business graphics software, announced today the release of VisualScript™ XML, the first visual scripting tool for XML. This new technology allows developers to program XML statements into graphical symbols, then simply "drag and drop" the symbols to sketch the flow of a business process. VisualScript then translates that sketch into a working XML script.
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Ektron offers personalized CMS learning sessions; new custom offerings help organizations more clearly understand content management options   (7/16/2003)
To help organizations understand content management, and to assist them in understanding the immediate value that can be achieved from a content management system (CMS,) Ektron announces new personalized CMS learning sessions. These free, no-obligation Web-based sessions include a general discussion of content management and an overview of the broad CM spectrum. Attendees see their own Web site being managed within a browser-based Ektron CMS, discuss unique needs, and talk with a content management specialist about the best CMS option for their needs (enterprise or Web CM, document management, digital asset management, etc.)
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PDF2SVG Now Available From pdfTron   (7/7/2003)
pdfTron Systems, the experts in PDF (Portable Document Format) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) announce the immediate availability of PDF2SVG, for flawless conversion and publishing of web-ready SVG documents, including full generation of e-book navigation. Available as a stand-alone product, the core technology is also available for embedding into 3rd party products.
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Corel and Xcential Provide Government Customers with XML Tools for Legislation Creation   (6/18/2003)
Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSX: COR) and Xcential Group, LLC today announced a partnership to provide government customers a robust XML application specifically designed for the creation, amendment and delivery of legislation. Xcential's LegisPro is built upon the Corel® XMetaL® platform to create an optimal environment that improves efficiency and reduces the costs associated with creating and maintaining legislation and regulations.
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Adobe Advances Intelligent Documents with New XML/PDF Form Design Software   (6/17/2003)
Adobe Systems Incorporated, the leader in network publishing, today announced new graphical design software for creating intelligent electronic documents. Leveraging the power of PDF for presenting information and XML for processing data, the new form design software will enable organizations to easily design and deploy intelligent forms in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or in an XML Data Package (XDP).
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PolarLake releases the first Universal Enterprise Service Bus™   (6/16/2003)
PolarLake™ announces the release of PolarLake JIntegrator™ - the first Universal Enterprise Service Bus™. PolarLake JIntegrator provides a complete solution for creating new, or extending existing XML and Web Services systems based on Java technology and J2EE. PolarLake JIntegrator is the first Universal Enterprise Service Bus with an ability to span multiple messaging oriented middleware (MOM) products, including IBM® WebSphere® MQ and TIBCO ActivEnterprise™, as well as Internet protocols, while meeting the most demanding performance and reliability requirements.
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Arbortext Signs Development Agreement With SAP AG To Extend XML Capabilities of SAPÒ Knowledge Warehouse   (6/16/2003)
Arbortext, a global provider of XML-based multichannel software, today announced that it has signed a Marketing Agreement with SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) to integrate Arbortext software with SAPÒ Knowledge Warehouse. This agreement will extend the XML capabilities of SAP Knowledge Warehouse through Arbortext software. SAP customers will be able to use Arbortext’s Epic Editor with SAP Knowledge Warehouse, version 6.0.
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Sarvega Announces Longest Running XML Appliance Deployment   (6/13/2003)
Sarvega™, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent XML appliances, today announced that CommWorks Corporation, a 3Com Company (NASDAQ: COMS), has enjoyed reliable, non-stop operation from its Sarvega XPETM appliance-based XML infrastructure since the solution went into production in 2001. CommWorks is using Sarvega’s XPE appliances to accelerate XML processing in its global customer support applications infrastructure, enabling a high level of customer responsiveness at a much lower total cost of ownership. CommWorks was the first Global 1000 organization to deploy an XML appliance for a mission-critical, global application and is the longest deployment in the industry.
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TIBCO Drives Web Services Standards to Benefit Enterprise Customers   (6/10/2003)
TIBCO Software Inc. (Nasdaq:TIBX), a leading enabler of real-time business and the leading independent business integration software company in the world, as demonstrated by market share and analyst reports, today announced a number of intiatives demonstrating its leadership role in defining and shaping interoperability standards for enterprise integration solutions. Adherence to standards has consistently been integral to TIBCO’s product strategy, and the company’s leadership role in setting enterprise integration standards is attracting a wide range of customers to TIBCO, including UTi, a global, non-asset-based provider of logistic services for the shipping and storage of raw material, supplies, components and finished goods to multinational companies and smaller local businesses.
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CyberSource Makes Web Services a Reality for Payment Transactions   (6/4/2003)
CyberSource Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBS), a leading provider of electronic payment and risk management solutions, today announced the availability of the first payment solution based on web services architecture, including payment-grade transaction security. The innovation will allow CyberSource customers and partners to more easily access and integrate the full spectrum of CyberSource payment and risk management services across transaction and administrative systems.
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