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home » software » Application to Application Products » XML Network Server (XNS) Tue, Oct 23, 2007
XML Network Server (XNS)

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Product:  XML Network Server (XNS)

Create an XML software infrastructure that is easily updated and extended by adding XML applications.
Category:  Application to Application Products
Details:  XML Network Server (XNS) acts as a central hub, or integration server, where XML documents are hosted and where XML information, such as purchase orders or bids in an online auction, can be exchanged. Multiple applications and systems distributed across a network can share and react to the same XML information contained on a hub or hubs. XNS acts as the processing point, hosting a real-time, many-to-many exchange of XML data.

At the heart of the technology is the real-time routing of XML data to participating, networked applications. The XML Network Server pushes new information out across the network. In an enterprise application integration or e-commerce network based on XNS (or on multiple instances of XNS in a distributed system), all authorized clients can see the changes on the hub simultaneously and respond immediately to new data. This broadcast capability supports automatic synchronization between hubs, and enables the kind of zero-latency performance that organizations are coming to demand in e-business networks. To accomplish synchronization, only changes, rather than entire documents, are routed across the network. In this way, Planet 7's XML server boosts performance by minimizing network traffic.
More Information:
Developer:  Planet 7 Technologies Corp.
Environment:  Microsoft Windows or Linux
Purchase Info:  Commercial (evaluation version available)
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