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home » software » Application to Application Products » SilverStream xCommerce Tue, Oct 23, 2007
SilverStream xCommerce

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Product:  SilverStream xCommerce

The eBusiness Integration Server Product
Category:  Application to Application Products
Details:  SilverStream's xCommerce product family represents a new class of standards-based information brokers known as eBusiness integration servers. xCommerce addresses all of the requirements necessary to create and deploy mission critical eBusiness integrations. xCommerce permits customers, employees and trading partners to transact in real time using advanced Web portals and Internet trading exchanges.

xCommerce consists of three main primary products:

xCommerce Designer - a highly visual design environment, targeted at business analysts and script-level programmers, that allows business information contained in XML documents to be rapidly integrated with other XML-formatted information. Any business applications that have been enabled for XML information exchange can be integrated using xCommerce Designer. xCommerce Designer is based on a "programming by exception" model, providing comfortable transitions from visual tools to integrated JavaScript, and from JavaScript to the full Java language.

xCommerce Enterprise Enablers (EEs) - a suite of adapters that provide XML-enablement services for applications running on a variety of enterprise platforms. For example, the EE for 3270 enables any host mainframe application using the 3270 block terminal protocol to receive XML-formatted requests and send XML-formatted responses. EEs install seamlessly into xCommerce Designer and share all of Designer's visual/scripting features.

xCommerce Server -a Java framework that runs in the context of J2EE application servers such as SilverStream Application Server, IBM WebSphere and BEA's Weblogic. xCommerce Server directly exploits a variety of J2EE APIs including JDBC, Servlet, EJB, JSP, JTS, JNDI and JMS. In addition, xCommerce Server leverages key application server features such as security, thread management, connection pooling, load balancing and failover.
More Information:
Developer:  SilverStream Software
Environment:  Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris 2.6 & 2.7
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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