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home » software » Application to Application Products » Induslogic™ Xintegrate™ Tue, Oct 23, 2007
Induslogic™ Xintegrate™

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Product:  Induslogic™ Xintegrate™

Discover a fast, affordable way to take control of your integration challenges.
Category:  Application to Application Products
Details:  Induslogic™ Xintegrate™ can save you time and money on your current and emerging enterprise and business-to-business integration challenges. Xintegrate is an XML-based horizontal integration platform that provides a complete backbone to automate intra-company and inter-company business processes by seamlessly translating data across different applications both synchronously and asynchronously. Built completely on widely deployed open protocols, Xintegrate delivers wide integration flexibility to preserve your investment in existing technologies. Plus it comes with its own XML-based data adapters that will allow you to pull (and push) data from virtually anywhere. Currently, businesses exchange data by using EDI, fax, email and other slow, inefficient processes that may not take full advantage of the abilities of either party's ERP system. Xintegrate changes all that with an industrial-strength solution that lets you connect seamlessly with your business partners.
More Information:
Developer:  Induslogic, Inc.
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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