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home » software » Application to Application Products » Tamino X-Bridge, Tamino X-Node, Tamino X-Tension Tue, Oct 23, 2007
Tamino X-Bridge, Tamino X-Node, Tamino X-Tension

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Product:  Tamino X-Bridge, Tamino X-Node, Tamino X-Tension

Tamino X-Bridge:The Power Link for Electronic Business Applications, Tamino X-Node:For Linking Relational Data Sources , Tamino X-Tension: For Easy Integration of Custom Applications
Category:  Application to Application Products
Details:  In the age of electronic business, the focus of IT has shifted from data storage to communication and integration. Establishing efficient communications with business partners, automating supply chains, servicing and exploiting digital marketplaces, but also connecting to existing application and facilitating Enterprise Application Integration all requires solid communication skills. Tamino XML Platform data integration and applications allows you to integrate.

Application integration enables to gain access to dynamically generated data from standard or custom applications. Tamino X-Bridge is an XML integration broker for automated, XML-based enterprise-level B2B information exchange with customers, suppliers and business partners over the Internet. According to user-defined rules, the content and structure of XML documents are analyzed and routed to the appropriate receiver at low cost and without human intervention.

The integration of existing heterogeneous databases is a prerequisite for electronic business applications. Tamino XML Database's X-Node option provides users with a single-server view of business data residing in distributed data sources, enabling applications to access data regardless of type or location.

Disparate corporate data is presented to the client as if it were obtained from a single database. X-Node also supports the real-time conversion of externally stored data into XML data streams or from XML into other formats. This allows enterprises to extend their business to the Internet.

Tamino X-Tension is a standard part of Tamino XML Database. It provides all necessary means for easy programming of the integration of custom applications. Through Tamino X-Tension and Software AG's EntireX Middleware, access to virtually any application running on any platform is possible.
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Developer:  Software AG
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