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home » software » Application to Application Products » XMLShark Tue, Oct 23, 2007

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Product:  XMLShark

A software product for accomplishing distributed data exchange.
Category:  Application to Application Products
Details:  XMLShark is a software product for accomplishing distributed data exchange. It allows organizations to quickly and easily share information, captured within corporate databases, with anyone in the world by utilizing established XML document definitions. Using XMLShark, Global 2000 enterprises can share data with customers, suppliers or partners as well as distribute data across business units. Developed in Java, XMLShark allows customers to readily achieve a level of interoperability among diverse internal and external systems. And, unlike proprietary integration products, it uses industry- recognized standards, such as XML and SOAP, so our customers can securely distribute data both inside and outside the firewall.

XMLShark saves time and money with powerful capabilities that automate much of the effort for accessing, exchanging and sharing data between proprietary database environments such as Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, XMLShark can automatically access any data source that has a JDBC driver.

Ensure Reliable Message Delivery

XMLShark is the only data exchange software product with a messaging component that employs reliable message delivery capabilities utilizing standard XML messaging protocols and HTTP request/response. This component creates, processes and transports data packages between two (or more) systems and/or data stores. The handling of messages may take place as a no-wait dispatched message (using Message Queues) or an immediate dispatched message over HTTP. XMLShark can handle all of the XML protocol requirements of a commercial grade XML messaging solution.

XMLShark also interfaces to other message queue systems through the JAVA Message Service (JMS) API. Most message queue products provide a JMS interface. XMLShark can make use of message queues as a transport where highly reliable message delivery is mission critical. XMLShark can also use message queues for application specific integration through custom development that utilizes a service adapter not shipped as part of the out of the box implementation.

Get Results Quickly At Lower Cost

Many of the time and laborious tasks associated with locating, accessing, migrating, sharing and exchanging information are fully automated with XMLShark. XMLShark provides results quickly and at a lower cost than is required by alternative solutions. Conducting business successfully in an Internet world dictates rapid time to market and a low total cost of ownership. XMLShark is a critical component in this success factor.

XMLShark provides the following benefits:
  • Saves costs and improves productivity by greatly reducing programming and hand-coding efforts.
  • Improves time-to-market by simplifying information flow between departments and divisions and avoiding redundant entry of data.
  • Maximizes efficiencies by easily sharing and transferring data, which enables effective communication between different lines of business.
  • Blends into existing infrastructure and does not require any massive technology rebuilds or elimination of any sources of production data stores.
  • Provides quick return on investment by avoiding the lengthy and expensive projects required by EAI and associated with B2B initiatives.
  • Scales well and adapts easily to changes in business conditions with ensure a low total cost of ownership.
  • Promotes effective through put on the Internet that can improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ensures easy information exchange between internal and external partners, customers, and suppliers by utilizing open standards for data format and XML messaging protocols.
  • Developed in Java and uses XML, which allows flexibility for future strategic technology investments in addition to leveraging legacy investments.
More Information:
Developer:  infoShark
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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