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home » software » XML Browsers » Jumbo Fri, Jul 13, 2007

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Product:  Jumbo

A very early version of a molecular browser (perhaps JUMBO3) for XML/CML files.
Category:  XML Browsers
Details:  This is a very early version of a molecular browser (perhaps JUMBO3) for XML/CML files. It runs on "any XML-aware browser" which at present is MSIE5. It also requires an SVG plugin such as Adobe's.

It is destined as an open-source tool for displaying and managing molecular information especially for individual scientists or those collaborating in open programs. Future developments may include data and molecule entry.

The components of the system are:
The XML-CML engine in Javascript (display.js and individual *.html files)
A large number of molecules in CML. These have been converted from other formats and this process is not yet validated. There will be many different styles of molecule and JUMBO3 is intended to make the best educated guess as to how to present the information.
The browser is only for display at present, but interactivity will come later.
More Information:
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Free
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