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home » software » Native XML Databases » TEXTML Server Tue, Aug 14, 2007

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Product:  TEXTML Server

The first Native XML Database for OEMs and developers of XML applications.
Category:  Native XML Databases
Details:  TEXTML Server is a Native XML Database for the dynamic storing, indexing and retrieving of XML content. In sharp contrast to most XML repositories that decompose the instance file into element content objects and store the markup as metadata in a relational or object-oriented database, TEXTML Server doesn’t touchthe native XML instance, but rather parses it and builds indexes based on markup.

TEXTML Server is an XML database whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. It is the first embeddable XML database for OEMs and developers of XML applications.

TEXTML Server is an affordable component for building XML applications and a catalyst for rapid time-to-market implementation for competitive markets, or budget sensitive projects.

In sharp contrast to most XML-enabled databases that decompose the instance file into element content objects, and store the markup as metadata in a relational or object-oriented database, TEXTML Server doesn’t disrupt the native XML instance, but rather parses it and builds indexes based on markup.

Part of a new generation of document centric solutions, TEXTML Server offers flexible indexes that enable the grouping of logically related elements, rather than model the XML content on a specific database to optimize the structure of a system. These custom indexes also generate superior content retrieval performance by reducing the complexity of the XML database structure.

TEXTML Server is a true 100% XML “IN” and XML “OUT” server with a documented COM API for ease of integration and an Active Server Page (ASP) toolkit for rapid application development.

TEXTML Server is designed for XML, with XML at its core, making it versatile for a variety of applications.


100% XML – XML documents are stored without exploding the structure into objects or tables. TEXTML Server recognizes entities and encoding, and is compliant with all relevant XML standards.

COM API – The COM component architecture enables developers to truly embed TEXTML Server within their application and facilitate de development of .NET solution. Each component is documented with examples.
Scripting Language – TEXTML Server supports VRScript, Python, PERL, Cold Fusion,... Active Server Pages (ASP) Toolkit – The COM components of the API enable rapid ASP implementation for ease of development in ASP.
SDK – The Software Development Kit includes all necessary resource files (.H, .RC, .IDL, .TLB) to develop applications that make full use of the TEXTML Server’s API.
Indexing – Synchronizing the indexing of content with another process within an application is enabled through document base properties, which gives the status of the document base indexes.
Administration Console – An application that is provided to administer TEXTML Server and document bases. It allows the administrator to set server and document base security, to manage server and document base update settings, to create, install, and uninstall document bases, and to modify the structure of the document bases (the definition of indexes).

Store any binary file – Over and above XML, TEXTML Server can store and retrieve pictures, video, sound, indeed any binary file. These files can be retrieved via their file name, or via a reference within an XML document.

Locking document bases – The document bases in the server can be locked to prevent content modification, while remaining accessible to queries from users.

Locking documents – TEXTML Server can “check” documents in or out to control editing. Repository capacity – TEXTML Server can efficiently store millions of documents in a secure environment. The performance of the repository is independent of the O/S’s file system. Recovery – TEXTML Server is outfitted with a recovery utility for restoring corrupted document bases.

Interactive technology – The server indexes are updated dynamically as documents are being modified (additions, modifications, removals). TEXTML Server indexing algorithms are able to efficiently keep a document base several gigabytes in size up to date.
Flexible Indexes – Reduce the database “overhead” associated with indexing XML content by logically grouping element values into indexes. Set the depth of the element relationships you wish to index. Impose conditions on values to be indexed.
Load Management – TEXTML Server efficiently manages simultaneous requests by controlling the time allocated to the execution of the various COM objects created on the server. This allocation is based on several criterions such as the availability of server resources and the weight of each transaction.
Multi-thread – TEXTML Server can simultaneously update indexes while responding to queries.

Full text, date, time, numerical, and character strings queries – TEXTML Server allows the users to query the content using words, numeric ranges and character strings to retrieve content. The full text queries can be applied to entire documents or be specific to element/attribute name or content. Boolean, proximity and truncation search operators are also available to define queries.
Unicode – Store and retrieve documents containing any UNICODE character.
Multi-criterion sorting – TEXTML Server can sort content by dates, by character strings and by hit count. Any element defined in the indexes can be established as a sorting criterion. The content of any element or attribute of an XML document can be defined in the indexes.
More Information:
Developer:  IXIASOFT
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial (evaluation ver available to download, also with FREE 30 day support)
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