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home » software » Native XML Databases » Infonyte DB Tue, Aug 14, 2007
Infonyte DB

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Product:  Infonyte DB

A comprehensive, lightweight solution for querying and storing large, distributed XML documents.
Category:  Native XML Databases
Details:  Infonyte-DB provides a comprehensive, lightweight solution for querying and storing large, distributed XML documents. It is based on two major components, the PDOM engine which is a persistent implementation of the W3C DOM (Document Object Model) API, and the XQL engine which is a web-aware query engine supporting the XQL query language.

The lightweight implementation requires only an off-the-shelf Java runtime environment. Having a remarkably small footprint for memory, storage, and CPU, it can be deployed on a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems ranging from large scale servers to embedded systems and small devices. It is well suited for distributed application architectures which require flexible and queryable XML-based document/data repositories. Likewise, it can serve as a solid base for CD-ROM products.

With its integrated support for HTTP and URL, Infonyte-DB also enables the generation of scalable, multi-user server applications built on Javasoft's Servlet technology. A particular strength of Infonyte-DB is the support for a seamless integration of existing web information services into your value added information products. A number of customers from the automotive, eCommerce, document management, and mobile/embedded systems industry ship Infonyte-DB as a software component in their products today.
  • W3C DOM Level 1 API, XML documents stored in database files, transparent for the application
  • supports XQL'98 with extensions for variables, multi document queries, restructuring of query results, full text search, result construction, and sequencing
  • automated and transparent indexing on document structure
  • stores well formed XML documents; no additional DTD mapping etc. required
  • self contained, no additional backend storage needed
  • small footprint: database file size 30%-100% compared to textual XML, main memory usage 800K minimum, 16MB main memory recommended for ~100MB documents, ~300K jar file.
  • stores database files up to 2GB file size (~2GB-6GB textual XML data)
  • 100% Java (Java 2 Platform)
More Information:
Developer:  Infonyte GmbH.
Environment:  100% Java (Java 2 Platform)
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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