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home » software » XML Web Services » Microsoft SOAP Toolkit Tue, Aug 14, 2007
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit

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Product:  Microsoft SOAP Toolkit

COM based API to build and use XML Web services on Microsoft Windows platform.
Category:  XML Web Services
Details:  The Microsoft® Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Toolkit 2.0 consists of:
  • A client-side component that allows an application to invoke Web service operations described by a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document.
  • A server-side component that maps invoked Web service operations to COM object method calls as described by the WSDL and Web Services Meta Language (WSML) files. This file is necessary for Microsoft's implementation of SOAP.
  • Necessary components that construct, transmit, read, and process SOAP messages. These processes are collectively referred to as marshalling and unmarshalling.

In addition, the SOAP Toolkit 2.0 provides additional tools that simplify application development:
  • A WSDL/WSML Generator tool that generates the WSDL and WSML files for you, relieving you of the often tedious process of manually creating such files.
  • An alternative to using the XML DOM API to process XML documents in the SOAP messages called the SOAP Messaging Object (SMO) framework. This Microsoft Visual Basic® add-in generates message part objects that simplify the creation and processing of XML documents contained in SOAP messages.

  • A high-level interface that isolates the programmer from most SOAP details and exposes a familiar COM interface to SOAP-enabled applications.
  • A low-level interface that helps the SOAP-knowledgeable programmer to quickly create and read SOAP messages.
  • A SOAP Message Object interface that helps programmers easily create SOAP applications that exchange messages based on a document schema.
  • Support for the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) 1.1 standard. WSDL is a formal way to describe SOAP message formats in a human- or machine-readable format. The SOAP Toolkit 2.0 reads WSDL files and dynamically generates COM interfaces that correspond to the operations defined in the WSDL file.
  • A simple WSDL file generator that generates basic WSDL files from the information found in COM typelib descriptions.
  • Support for custom mappers that let programmers map complex types to and from SOAP messages.
  • Support for SOAP Headers.
  • Extensive documentation on building web-services with the SOAP Toolkit 2.0.
  • An extensive set of sample applications illustrating the use of the SOAP Toolkit 2.0.
  • SOAP Installer Merge modules, which programmers can use to redistibute the SOAP Toolkit 2.0 with your product.
More Information:
Developer:  Microsoft Corporation
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  FREE
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