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home » software » XML Web Services » jBrokerŽ Web Fri, Jul 13, 2007
jBrokerŽ Web

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Product:  jBrokerŽ Web

A complete XML RPC environment for building, running, and invoking Web services using Java.
Brings Java RMI's ease of use to the world of Web services.
Category:  XML Web Services
Details:  jBroker® Web 1.1 is a complete XML RPC environment for building, running, and invoking Web services using Java:

  • Supports writing Web service interface using WSDL as well as Java
  • Support for document style WSDL SOAP binding and UDDI interoperability
  • Complete set of compilers to convert WSDL to Java and vice versa and for generating client and server XML RPC glue (stubs and skeletons) code
  • High-performance and scalable SOAP 1.1 runtime over HTTP transport
  • Extensive support for producing XML from Java objects and vice versa
  • Wizard for generation of Remote Interfaces and WSDL
  • Automatic schema compilation for built in Marshalers
jBroker Web brings Java RMI's ease of use to the world of  Web services.

Invoking a Web service is the same as invoking a Remote object, and  implementing a Web Service is the same as implementing a Remote interface. The technology completely shields the programmer from the fact that it is talking to a Web service (possibly described using WSDL) and that the XML messages are being exchanged under the covers.

  • If starting with Java RMI, the rmi2soap compiler generates SOAP stubs and skeletons, and the rmi2wsdl compiler generates WSDL
  • If starting from WSDL, the wsdl2java compiler generates the Java RMI interface and SOAP stubs and skeletons
  • The stubs are looked up by the client using standard Java JNDI APIs
  • The Java <-> XML type mapping allows users to do custom serialization, as well as exchanging raw XML documents if required by the application
More Information:
Developer:  SilverStream Software
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Available for download
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