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home » software » XML Web Services » SoapSwitch™ Web Services Gateway Tue, Oct 23, 2007
SoapSwitch™ Web Services Gateway

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Product:  SoapSwitch™ Web Services Gateway

An Essential Infrastructure Component for Successful Enterprise Adoption of Web Services Technologies
Category:  XML Web Services
Details:  Actional’s SoapSwitch offering is the industry’s first enterprise-class Web Services Gateway, delivering robust security, management and monitoring capabilities and market-leading flexibility in Web Service implementation options.

The Web Services Gateway is an essential infrastructure component for successfully deploying Web Services technologies in the enterprise while avoiding the potential minefields. It substantially accelerates enterprise adoption of Web Services standards by making existing software systems available through SOAP, WSDL and UDDI while preserving the ability to manage, monitor and secure the business processes represented by these Web Services.

Installing the SoapSwitch software on a server (Windows, Solaris or Linux) transforms that server into a true gateway. On one side, Web Services are created and advertised, and requests to these services are listened for and accepted. On the other side are the business software systems that execute the business logic associated with each Web Service. Looking inside the black box, one can see that SoapSwitch connects the two sides via five primary functional blocks: Web Services, Security, Management, Composite Execution and System Adaptation.

SoapSwitch allows a user to define and advertise (via WSDL and UDDI) business-appropriate Web Services. SoapSwitch can then listen on multiple protocols (SOAP over HTTP, HTTPS or SMTP) for requests and route them to the software system or systems that implement the associated business logic. In some cases this is a direct handoff to a single software system. In other cases SoapSwitch will interact with a composite server or business process management engine to call several software systems or manage a series of workflow steps. SoapSwitch allows the user to choose the most appropriate implementation strategy for any given Web Service – direct reuse of an existing software system, a composition of calls to multiple software systems, or implementation via a workflow engine or business process management system. But regardless of the Web Service implementation methods, SoapSwitch acts as a gateway for all Web Services requests thereby enabling unified security, monitoring and management of all Web Services traffic. In the same way, SoapSwitch produces an insulating layer making it easy to change the implementation of any Web Service without impacting the users of that service.

SoapSwitch supports the authentication and authorization of a Web Services request using emerging SOAP security standards.

SoapSwitch provides the ability to audit, monitor, troubleshoot and report on all Web Services activity through the gateway.

SoapSwitch automates the creation of templates for implementing managed composite Web Services.

More Information:
Developer:  Actional Corporation
Environment:  (Windows, Solaris or Linux
Purchase Info:  Contact Vendor
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