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home » software » XML/Web Services Security » VeriSign's Trust Services Integration Kit (TSIK) Mon, Oct 22, 2007
VeriSign's Trust Services Integration Kit (TSIK)

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Product:  VeriSign's Trust Services Integration Kit (TSIK)

Provides Java APIs that minimize the complexity behind trusted application development
Category:  XML/Web Services Security
Details:  VeriSign's Trust Services Integration Kit (TSIK) provides Java APIs that minimize the complexity behind trusted application development. The APIs enable developers to rapidly integrate digital trust services, from secure XML processing to authentication, real-time certificate validation, authorization, and payments.

The APIs are divided into four functional groups: Services, Trust, Messaging, and Utilities. Service APIs enable applications to communicate directly with VeriSign's digital trust services while providing the convenience of commonly used lower-level transport and security APIs. Developers can integrate with VeriSign's digital trust services without knowing the details of the lower level functions such as signing and processing of XML. Developers can also use these APIs to create secure XML applications of their own.

Verisign's simple XML-Signature package signs and verifies XML documents according to the latest W3C XML-Signature.

The package supports three modes of operation, as defined by the XML Signature specification:
  • Enveloping signature, in which the signature is over content found within an Object element of the signature itself.
  • Enveloped signature, in which the original document contains the signature as an element.
  • Detached signature, similar to Enveloped signature, but the Signature element is detached from the signed element.

The VeriSign Trust Gateway enables enterprises to offload Web Services security operations, policies and administration to a dedicated, standards-based solution. The Trust Gateway leverages the VeriSign Managed PKI to deliver a comprehensive, digital certificate-based solution that is easy to customize, implement, and manage.

By using the Trust Gateway, enterprises can rapidly extend application integration initiatives to trading partners, suppliers, and customers with complete confidence that valuable data is protected from end to end.
More Information:
Developer:  VeriSign
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Contact Vendor
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