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home » software » XML/Web Services Security » JCSI XMLDsig Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  JCSI XMLDsig

Implementation of the XML-Signature Syntax and Processing
Category:  XML/Web Services Security
Details:  JCSI XMLDsig is Wedgetail's implementation of the W3C Candidate Recommendation for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing. It provides data integrity, message and signer authentication, and signer verification of any type of data, whether it includes XML date containing the signature, or it is a separate file such as a spreadsheet. Digital signatures provide the legal and business intent of handwritten signatures, ensuring complete integrity and authenticity of the signed data.

JCSI XMLDsig allows you to transact business, with the confidence that the identity of your business partners and customers is assured.

JCSI XMLDsig features
  • Supports command-line signature generation and verification of the following signature types:
    • detached (same document, external XML and external non-XML)
    • enveloped (both entire document and document subtree)
    • enveloping
  • SHA1 digest method
  • Referencing using either barename XPointers ("#fragment") or "#xpointer(/)" and "xpointer(id('fragment'))"
  • Signing using the following algorithms:
    • HMAC-SHA1
    • DSAwithSHA1 (DSS)
    • RSAwithSHA1
  • Canonicalisation using c14n with or without comments
  • Simplified API for ease of use
  • Transforms Algorithms including:
    • Base64
    • Canonical XML
    • Canonical XML With Comments
    • Enveloped Signature
  • Private keys and certificates may be obtained from a Java keystore
More Information:
Developer:  Wedgetail Communications Pty Ltd.
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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