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home » software » XML/Web Services Security » Netegrity TransactionMinder Mon, Oct 22, 2007
Netegrity TransactionMinder

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Product:  Netegrity TransactionMinder

An identity-based Web services security product that secures access to Web services by utilizing centralized security policies bound to user identities for authentication, authorization, audit, federation, and session management.
Category:  XML/Web Services Security
Details:  Netegrity addresses Web services security with an innovative solution called TransactionMinder. Like traditional browser-based application transactions, Web services require that all incoming Web service requests be authenticated (who is the consumer and do we have a relationship with that consumer?). Based on the relationship, the Web services consumer is authenticated, the individual transaction is authorized, and a detailed audit trail is created.

TransactionMinder leverages a set of policy-based shared services that centralize authentication, authorization, and audit activities for all Web services transactions. Web services security is not an isolated island of security in the enterprise. TransactionMinder leverages SiteMinder, Netegrity's flagship product, to provide a scalable solution that meets all of an enterprise's Web security requirements, by relying on a shared, centralized point of control-the Netegrity Policy Server.
More Information:
Developer:  Netegrity Inc.
Environment:  Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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