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home » software » XML/Web Services Security » VordelSecure Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  VordelSecure

An enterprise-class XML security server that secures and manages XML traffic. It provides both content filtering and identity-based protection and management of XML and Web Services.
Category:  XML/Web Services Security
Details:  Vordel provides security and management for XML communications. Vordel's flagship product, VordelSecure, the XML security server, provides access control and XML firewalling for Web Services, supporting SAML, XKMS, WS-Security, and XML Signature. VordelSecure allows organizations to deploy and configure security for XML-based communications, both inside and outside the enterprise.

VordelSecure is an enterprise-class XML security server that secures and manages XML traffic. It provides both content filtering and identity-based protection and management of XML and Web Services. VordelSecure can be deployed to protect XML data inside the enterprise, and also across the firewall to secure integration with partners, customers and suppliers. Uniquely amongst XML security products, VordelSecure can be deployed either as an XML proxy - that validates traffic entering and exiting an enterprise network (also known as an "XML Gateway" or "XML Firewall") - or in an embedded, agent-based model, which enables enterprises to implement application-level security, and follow a more granular approach to policy enforcement.

VordelSecure 2.1 is an enterprise-class XML security server, which addresses the security challenges posed by XML-based communications. It is a scalable, platform-independent and standards-compliant product, which allows flexible deployment and configuration of security for XML-based communications inside and outside the enterprise. VordelSecure implements a broad range of security specifications to satisfy security requirements in an XML environment. These standards include WS-Security and SAML. Vordel is committed to supporting XML security roadmap specifications. VordelSecure may also be deployed as a single XML security gateway, providing XML firewall monitoring and access control on all incoming and outgoing XML traffic. Additionally, VordelSecure's XML security functionality may be distributed across the enterprise, allowing multiple XML streams across the organization to be secured using a single policy set. VordelSecure leverages corporate investment in security infrastructure by including security adapters which integrate with identity management tools, firewalls, PKI and directories, intrusion detection and hardware security modules. VordelSecure enables companies to increase the return on their existing security infrastructure investment and future proofs it by ensuring that the infrastructure is both scalable and extensible as XML and Web Services communications usage expands. VordelSecure includes an API which enables an enterprise to integrate XML security into their business systems. Using the API software developers may create deploy agents to provide security for a whole range of XML-based business process infrastructure applications including CRM, ERP and messaging systems.
More Information:
Developer:  Vordel Limited
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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