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home » software » Development Tools » Stonebroom.ASP2XML© Mon, Aug 13, 2007

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Product:  Stonebroom.ASP2XML©

Makes building XML-compliant client/server or networked-based applications easy.
Category:  Development Tools
Details:  Stonebroom.ASP2XML© makes building XML-compliant client/server or networked-based applications easy. It provides a simple to use interface between almost any ODBC or OLE-DB compliant data source and any XML-enabled client. It is designed for use either with with Microsoft® Active Server Pages© scripts, or as a stand-alone COM-compliant ActiveX® DLL component. ASP2XML offers a range of options including provision for creating XML documents as disk files. (Note that evaluation versions of the component can only be used within ASP).

Works with almost any data source for which an ODBC or OLE-DB driver is available. This even includes networked non-Microsoft data sources.

Creates valid XML-formatted documents from that data, which can be parsed, interpreted and edited by almost any XML-enabled client application.

The edited XML document can then be posted back to the component on the server, where it is used to automatically update the source data.

Data integrity is automatically maintained in multi-user environments, even when concurrent users are updating the same sets of records.

Supplied as a single COM-compliant ActiveX® DLL component with full documentation, making it easy to install and use in ASP or in custom applications.

The ASP2XML component exposes two custom methods that allow you to:

Quickly and easily create an XML document from almost any data source.
Update the source data by simply editing the XML document on the client.
Specify the data using SQL statements or individual table and field names.
Select and sort data that is returned from the server in a variety of ways.
Create the XML documents as disk files for use with this or other applications.
Force updates to be applied, even if other users have changed the data.
Receive full debugging information so that problem-solving is quick and easy.
More Information:
Developer:  Stonebroom Limited, UK
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial - trial version available for free download
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