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home » software » Development Tools » Persistent TreeView Tue, Oct 23, 2007
Persistent TreeView

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Product:  Persistent TreeView

A state of the art control used for the efficient storage, access, transformation, and display, of very large amounts of tree-based data.
Category:  Development Tools

The Ptree provides the following features:

  • Provides easy storage and access for the most complex hierarchies of heterogeneous data under a very simple API
  • Incredible fast-access between siblings, parent-children, child-parent, child-root, by nodes name, by nodes value, or special query using database indexed seek technology. Access nodes anywhere in the tree using our powerful set of native functions
  • XML-Hiding and Database-Hiding. At the application layer the Ptree presents a very simple, yet powerful persistent DOM - similar in functionality to the MS-TreeView control from Microsoft- hiding from the application all the XML cryptography, and the hassles of heterogeneous databases
  • Re-use with little overhead the entire MS-TreeView control code base under a persistent environment. No more tree loads delays and saves
  • The view updates on demand only, providing the capabilities to use the Ptree on non-visible mode for the development of powerful XML servers
  • Amazing capability to store the knowledge of 2 billion nodes on every tree instance
  • Every Ptree has the capability to store up to 100 Mbytes of content per node
  • Handle hundreds of persistent trees under the same database (limited by the database), or under multiple databases and attach the Ptree to them on the fly and transfer data from one tree to another within in-process or out-process applications. Extremely fast opening time independent of the number of nodes
  • Extremely small memory to node count ratio by using virtual display/demand technology that only loads into memory the nodes that are on display, or have been programmatically invoked
  • Coherent data storage guarantees the state of any of its objects across all the instances on any of its tree elements
  • Generate filtered node-sets according to specified masks. Apply filters at any node and the Ptree preserves the state of the response filter for every node instance independently
  • Use of Image Tables, provides the capabilities to use large amounts of images limited by disk space- without incurring in the memory overhead required when using ImageList controls
  • Extremely small memory to image-count ratio by using virtual display/demand technology that only loads onto memory the images that are on display, or programmatically invoked
  • The Ptree combines the capabilities of SAX (Simple API for XML) and DOM in a single component
  • Generate or Consume XML scripts. Load/save branches to XML scripts, load/save complete trees to XML scripts. Work with our simple DOM and let the Ptree handle all the XML generation and consumption under as persistent environment
  • Generate XML-Data schemas for any given node within the Ptree node hierarchy
  • Assisted by the powerful "Tree-Builder" tool to accelerate the development of your tree-based applications
More Information:
Developer:  DiZTEK
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Eval copy available
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