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home » software » Application to Application Products » BizTalk Server 2000 Tue, Oct 23, 2007
BizTalk Server 2000

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Product:  BizTalk Server 2000

Orchestrate Your Business. Easily integrate applications and processes across the Internet with BizTalk Server.
Category:  Application to Application Products
Details:  BizTalk Server 2000 enables you to rapidly build and deploy integrated business processes within your organization and with your trading partners. You can get your solutions to market more quickly, using fewer resources, which allows you to move swiftly to respond to your customer needs and competitive pressures. BizTalk Server 2000 offers a suite of tools and services that make building business processes and integrating applications fundamentally faster. Secure, reliable trading partner relationships can be quickly implemented independent of operating system, programming model, or programming language.

The BizTalk Server infrastructure helps you to quickly integrate, manage, and automate dynamic business processes by exchanging business documents among applications, within or across organizational boundaries. With all the tools that companies need for business process orchestration, BizTalk Server helps you build processes that span not only applications, but also businesses, over the Internet. Graphical tools make it easy for business analysts and application developers to model and implement solutions for your business.

BizTalk Server 2000 makes it easy for developers to integrate applications and businesses together. Business analysts and application developers benefit from a host of rich graphical tools for building Extensible Markup Language (XML) schema, performing schema transformation, establishing trading partner relationships over the Internet, and tracking and analyzing data and documents that are exchanged. With support for XML and standard Internet technologies, BizTalk Server 2000 extends the features of traditional e-commerce and electronic data interchange (EDI) to entire e-commerce communities.

With extensive support for public standards and specifications, such as XML, EDI, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and security standards like public key encryption, digital signatures, and encryption, BizTalk Server 2000 ensures the highest level of interoperability and security with your applications and business partners.
More Information:
Developer:  Microsoft Corporation
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Commercial (120 day evaluation version available)
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