Figure 1.4 Core XSQL architecture. The XSQL page processor connects to the database, gets the results back, and returns the following XML: <page> <ROWSET> <ROW num=”1”> <ENAME>SMITH</ENAME> <JOB>CLERK</JOB> <SAL>800</SAL> </ROW> <ROW num=”2”> <ENAME>ADAMS</ENAME> <JOB>CLERK</JOB> <SAL>1100</SAL> </ROW> <ROW num=”3”> <ENAME>JONES</ENAME> <JOB>MANAGER</JOB> <SAL>2975</SAL> </ROW> <ROW num=”4”> <ENAME>SCOTT</ENAME> <JOB>ANALYST</JOB> XSLT Processor XSQL Processor XSQL Servlet HTTP Server Dynamically Generated Web Page Database XSQL Page </xsql:query> SELECT ename, job, sal FROM emp WHERE deptno=20 ORDER BY sal </xsql:query> XSLT Stylesheet SQL Result Set ENAME SMITH ADAMS JONES SCOTT FORD JOB CLERK CLERK MANAGER ANALYST ANALYST SAL 800 1100 2975 3000 3000 Client 4 5 6 7 9 10 8 11 2 3 1 12 8 Chapter 1 271209 Ch01.F  12/9/02  2:00 PM  Page 8