Metadata, Resources, and the Resource Description Framework 15 better. Not only can it lead to enormous savings because you will not have to reinvent the wheel several times; it can also help you relate your information to that of your competitors, and discover how your company should develop to do a better job of servicing your customers. Take  Helen  Farnsworth,  who  is  a  salesperson  at,  a  company that publishes interactive games based on historical battles and other events. In reality, it is a division of major games maker Arcaditopia, and this is exactly why  Helen  is  in  trouble.  She  has  a  customer  who  is  interested  in  their  new game for a nationwide chain, but she cannot answer his questions, especially not about Elba. She can t answer mainly because the questions are about the historical accuracy of the game, and while she can tell the customer everything about the shelf space the game will take, and how much memory it will use, she does not know who beat Napoleon at Waterloo. So she does a quick intranet search. The regular search engine gives her sev- eral hundred answers, among them Napoleon Jones in the accounting depart- ment.  She  searches  for  individuals  with  knowledge  about  Napoleon  the historic  person,  and  throws  in  Elba  to  make  sure.  Her  meta-search  engine helps her to find Herbert Wollmeyer III, the resident expert on the Napoleonic wars. And his  100 quick questions about Napoleon  tells her everything the customer  asks  about  Elba  (like,  it s  a  part  of  Italy).  And  the  customer  buys 100,000 games. The systems ribed in these quick scenarios get information that is customized in some sense. They  get you an information set adapted not just to your per- sonal profile (such as your credit rating), but also to the device mobile phone, PDA, or PC that you are using. Everything I describe above, you can get from the Web today. But you can get it only from isolated systems, and you can only use it for your PC, as a rule. The implementation of these systems is very different from the traditional com- puter systems you are used to, however. They are generating information based on profiles, and creating optimized profiles based on the different profiles that are being received from the client, describing it and its situation. Using RDF, of course. What Do You Need to Do? As a site owner, there are a few things you need to do to create metadata for your site. As of today, there are few tools that let you insert the data automati- cally, especially if you are using XHTML. However, a summer intern and some clever  programming  will  give  you  a  metadata  system  that  can  be  used  in 69528_CH01Ix  4/6/2001 8:15 AM  Page 15