18 Part I:The .NET Framework Figure 1-6: Looking at the WebService class with the Windows Forms Class Viewer. To see the WinCV in action, type WebService into the search box. You are presented with a large list of classes in the left-hand pane. Clicking on the first choic e, WebService, you are shown the type definition for the WebService class in the right-hand pan e. The beginning of the definition tells you that the WebService class is part of the System.Web.Services namespace. This is a useful tool for search purposes and for a better un derstanding of classes within the .NET Framework. Summary This chapter provides a quick overview of the .NET Framework and gives y ou a better understanding of what you will use to build your XML Web services. This  chapter was one of those 40,000-feet views of the framework, but it provides enough informa tion for you to learn what you need to know to build XML Web services. If you are looking for  more information, there are numerous books out there that focus primarily on the .NET Fram ework. In the next chapter you look at some of the languages that you will use  to build your XML Web services and how XML Web services interact with the .NET Framework.  Now, take a closer look at the tools and technologies that you must understand to bu ild XML Web services.