Ignore the message that says ... to evaluate XMLSPY for 30 days for free press this button ...”.The key-code that will be e-mailed to you is valid for 90 days. Figure 1-6: Requesting a free 90-day evaluation code requires a working Internet connection. Updating the XMLSPY 5 Suite Altova,  Inc.  periodically  issues  service  packs  containing  bug  fixes  and  other updates.  The  software  updates  are  put  on  the  Web  for  free  download  at  www. altova.com/download. Be sure to visit this site periodically to check for updates. Valid evaluation key-code holders or customers who have purchased an XMLSPY license may upgrade to the newest version for free by uninstalling XMLSPY (using the Windows Control Panel and choosing Add/Remove Programs) and reinstalling the  new  version.  An  XMLSPY  5  key-code  works  for  any  XMLSPY  service  pack update, provided that the key-code has not expired. Summary In  this  chapter,  I  introduced  XML  as  a  language  that  describes  structured  docu- ments in a such a way that the document is easily understood by any pers on or computer. This chapter covered these points: u XML is a standard syntax for creating tag-based vocabularies, such as XML Schema, XSL/XSLT, and SOAP. These vocabularies provide a way to express a document’s structure, as well as to transform and transmit  the information contained within that XML document. 12 XMLSPY Handbook