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Building Web Applications with ADO.NET and XML Web Services (Gearhead Press--In the Trenches)
by Richard Hundhausen, Steven Borg, Cole Francis, Kenneth Wilcox, Richard Hundhausen, Steven Borg "Years ago, in the Dark Ages before XML Web services, getting disparate systems to talk to one another was difficult-sometimes very difficult..." (more)
SIPs: object type report, portable data types, dataset array, tmp end, root virtual directory (more)

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Editorial Reviews
From Book News, Inc.
Using a case study, Hundhausen, a trainer and consultant, walks readers through the process of building a data-intensive Web application with XML Web services and ADO.NET, explaining what Web services are and demonstrating how a typical wired business can leverage them in business-to-business commerce. A beginning chapter introduces Web services and their related technologies and discusses SOAP, the key protocol that enables Web services. Subsequent chapters present a Web service provider case study, covering analysis, design, construction, registration, and deployment. Final chapters look at the Web service through the eyes of the Web service consumer.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Description
Learn how to build a data-intensive Web application with XML Web services and ADO.NET!
Richard Hundhausen, Steven Borg, Cole Francis, and Kenneth Wilcox have combined their years of expertise in this invaluable resource to teach you how a typical wired business can leverage Web services in B2B commerce. Using a case study, the authors walk you step by step through how to take advantage of new technologies in .NET, such as ADO, ASP, and SOAP, to create XML Web services. They start with a discussion of a Web services provider case study, including the analysis, design, construction, registration, and deployment of the Web service. You'll then learn about the conceptual design of a system and receive an introduction to Object Role Modeling (ORM). Packed with useful information, the chapters also dive into topics such as:
* Database design, covering the implementation of the physical design in Microsoft SQL Server 2000
* Syntax and attributes used to code a Web service, including proper testing techniques
* The benefits of using the Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) framework
* Security-both the traditional mechanisms provided by IIS and new ones provided by ASP.NET
* Web service performance testing and tuning
The companion Web site includes the complete case study application and code used in the book.

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Years ago, in the Dark Ages before XML Web services, getting disparate systems to talk to one another was difficult-sometimes very difficult. Read the first page
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object type report, portable data types, dataset array, tmp end, root virtual directory, watermarked images, inline schema, asmx file, logical modeling, aspx page, image providers, uniqueness constraint, database diagram, aspx file, stock photography, component icon, syntax highlighting, screen scraping, logical diagram, commerce model, physical database
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A Great Guide from the Pros, October 7, 2002
Reviewer: A reader
This book has a great, easy-to-read style and the case study actually shows how to use these technologies in real life. It clearly explains how to use ADO.NET and XML to build data-intensive applications. The writers clearly know what they are talking about and have been in the trenches.

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