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XML Programming Bible
XML Programming Bible (Paperback)
by Brian Benz (Author), John Durant (Author), John Durant (Author) "This book is targeted at programmers who need to develop solutions using XML..." (more)
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Editorial Reviews
Book Description
  • Covers all the most recent XML core and related specifications including XML 1.1, J2EE 1.4, Microsoft .NET's latest iteration, as well as open source XML items from the Apache project.
  • Strong coverage of XML use with databases, transactions, and XML security.
  • Discusses both Microsoft (.NET) and Sun (Java) programming integration with XML, an approach not taken in any other book.
  • Presents extensive business examples, including several major applications developed throughout the book.
  • No previous exposure to XML is assumed.

Download Description
* Covers all the most recent XML core and related specifications including XML 1.1, J2EE 1.4, Microsoft .NET's latest iteration, as well as open source XML items from the Apache project.
* Strong coverage of XML use with databases, transactions, and XML security.
* Discusses both Microsoft (.NET) and Sun (Java) programming integration with XML, an approach not taken in any other book.
* Presents extensive business examples, including several major applications developed throughout the book.
* No previous exposure to XML is assumed.

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This book is targeted at programmers who need to develop solutions using XML. Read the first page
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Customer Reviews
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

12 of 15 people found the following review helpful:
Excellent book!, July 4, 2004
By Thomas Duff "Duffbert" (Portland, OR United States) - See all my reviews
As a follow-up to the XML 1.1 Bible review, I took a look at the XML Programming Bible by Brian Benz with John Durant (Wiley). For those who want to use XML within their application development (as opposed to just web pages), this is the perfect follow-on book to have.

The chapter breakout...
Part 1 - Introducing XML - XML Concepts; XML Documents; XML Data Format and Validation; XML Parsing Concepts; Parsing XML with DOM; Parsing XML with SAX; XSLT Concepts; XSL Transformations; XSL Formatting Objects
Part 2 - Microsoft Office and XML - Microsoft XML Core Services; Working with the MSXML DOM; Generating XML from MS Access Data; Creating an Excel Spreadsheet from an XML Data Source
Part 3 - XML Web Applications Using J2EE - XML Tools for J2EE: IBM, Apache, Sun, and Others; Xerces; Xalan; XML APIs from Sun
Part 4 - Relational Data and XML - Accessing and Formatting XML from SQL Server Data; Accessing and Formatting XML from Oracle Data; Accessing and Formatting XML from DB2; Building XML-Based Web Applications with JDBC; Transforming Relational XML Output into Other Formats
Part 5 - Introducing Web Services - Web Services Concepts; SOAP; WSDL; UDDI; Microsoft Web Services; J2EE Web Services
Part 6 - Microsoft .Net and Web Services - Creating and Deploying .Net Web Services; Accessing .Net Web Services; Building a .Net Web Services Client
Part 7 - Web Services and J2EE - Web Service Tools for J2EE: IBM, Apache, Sun, and Others; Web Services with the Sun Java Web Services Developer Pack; Apache Axis; Access Web Services from Java Applications
Part 8 - Advanced Web Services - Accessing Relational Data via Web Services; Authentication and Security for Web Services; Index

I think I got finger cramps just typing all that! :-)

Seriously, there's really good material here. The assumption is made that you already understand basic XML technology. Benz doesn't spend an inordinate amount of time covering introductory material. Part 1 does do a bit of that, but only enough to establish the basic direction for the rest of the book. There is much more attention paid to XML concepts that come into play for programmers, such as the document object model of XML and how the two types of parsers (DOM and SAX) work. The rest of the book is highly practical, with examples of how to generate or access XML data using a variety of platforms, such as Microsoft Office, .Net, J2EE, Oracle, etc.

For me personally, I appreciate the emphasis on code and working examples. I have always learned more by taking something that works, tearing it apart, and using it as the basis for my own efforts. Benz has provided many examples that provide just that opportunity. Being that he doesn't restrict his writing to a single platform (like .Net or J2EE), this is one of few books that have a cross-over appeal to many technology platforms. If you happen to work in a shop that uses both Microsoft and Java technologies, you'll be able to get a single book that will assist you on both sides of the fence.

Basically, there's nothing I can find fault with for this book. It's solid writing of essential information you need for using XML in your various applications. This is a book that gets my highest recommendation.

7 of 11 people found the following review helpful:
A good description of XML, November 27, 2004
This book does a great job at describing XML. It does not contain any exercise (although it contains some codes) to help you get your feet wet.
This is a good reference book. If you are a beginner, you will still need another book to help you get started.

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful:
Ive found my new favorite XML resource., January 27, 2004
By Kathleen A Dollard (Colorado, United States) - See all my reviews
Because I do a lot of XML and XSLT my shelves are littered with XML and XSLT books. Although the information I am looking for is somewhere on the shelf, I sometimes have a hard time finding it. The first part of the XML Programming Bible largely fixes this problem. It provides the core information in an easy to find manner. For example, the XML Schema (XSD) elements are alphabetically listed as a group instead of broken out on the basis of there task. It also includes the type of minutiae I occasionally can't avoid - like the long list of the current DOM working drafts. This part of the book hit the right slot for me between a primer and deeper reference texts that sometimes obscure basic information with more details than I want to accomplish a given task.

The second and third sections offer an overview of using XML in Office and J2EE respectively. The fourth section is an overview of interacting with relational data. This part is a light reference into technologies like SQLXML but it should be enough to get you started, such as interacting directly with SQL Sever with FOR XML and updategrams. The book ends with four sections on Web Services. The nice thing about the WebServices sections is that it covers a bunch of technologies used on both .NET and Java/Unix platforms. The coverage of individual technologies isn't deep, but it's enough to understand the basic approach and capabilities of each tool. I don't need this type of information often, but nothing previously on my shelf covered this range of technologies.

This isn't a book for rank XML beginners. It doesn't spend waste explaining well-known fundamentals or the grisly history of schemas. Nor is it an in depth reference on any of the topics it covers. But it captures the depth I need when I'm trying to remember some specific piece of information, need a quick review, or need to dive into something I haven't done before - like working with XML from Excel.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Great Book!
Brian covers the topic areas complete, with examples and walkthroughs. Anyone who will touch more than 1 or 2 implementations of XML should have this book in their library.
Published on February 22, 2004 by John B

Going from "heard of" to "knowing about" XML in a few mins
As a graduate student who had "heard of" XML and was given a brief (as in a half of a powerpoint slide) introduction, I found myself in need of a XML reference book for the new... Read more
Published on February 1, 2004 by Edmundson D. Effort

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