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Book Review: Professional XML Web Services
Professional XML Web Services from Wrox Press is a complete guide to today's hot technology, Web Services. The book is divided into 13 chapters, 2 case studies and 3 appendices, and is targeted towards all (C++, VB, Java, .NET, Python, Perl, PHP…) developers. It's an excellent resource to learn SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.

The first chapter is a Web Services primer, which also talks about history of distributed computing architectures and current Web Services implementations like ebXML, xCBL, RosettaNet, and Hailstorm.

SOAP is the base technology of Web Services architecture. SOAP is a combination of XML and HTTP (or SMTP). Considering this, the second chapter introduces the transfer protocols SMTP and HTTP.

Third chapter is an overview to SOAP and its role in the Web Services Framework. This chapter is available on (

Chapter four is a complete tutorial on Web Services Description Language (WSDL). This is one of my favorite chapters. WSDL is a way to describe Web Services. This chapter talks about history and syntax of WSDL.

The fifth chapter looks at transporting SOAP with a variety of protocols including HTTP, SMTP and FTP. Next two chapters (6 and 7) are dedicated to UDDI. The former chapter talks about the specification while the later chapter focuses on implementations including UDDI4J, Microsoft UDDI SDK, HP UDDI Services, UDDI::Lite, etc.

Chapter 8 is dedicated to Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0. Next chapter, (again one of my favorites) talks about various other SOAP implementations including SOAP::Lite for Perl, EasySoap++, and SOAPx4, with complete details on installing and server/client side programming with each toolkit.

Chapter 10 is for Java programmers and talks about implementing Java-based Web Services through Apache and Tomcat. Chapter 11 talks about .NET's support for SOAP and Web Services. Chapter 11 is available on (

Chapter 12, Developing Web Services with Python, starts with a discussion on standard Python library modules and then discusses third-party Python like, SOAPy,, Orchard, Lye, PyXML, 4Suite, etc.

The final chapter in the book deals with Web Services and Security issues. The chapter covers key security concerns and various approaches to Web Services Security.

Overall, an excellent coverage of key concepts, the book is must for each developer's book shelf. Buy this book now!

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Additional Book Information

Professional XML Web Services
Publisher:    Wrox Press
ISBN #:    1861005091
Authors:    Patrick Cauldwell, Rajesh Chawla, Vivek Chopra, Gary Damschen, Chris Dix, Tony Hong, Francis Norton, Uche Ogbuji, Glenn Olander, Mark A Richman, Kristy Saunders, Zoran Zaev
Publish Date:    September 2001
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Sample Chapter on

Chapter 3: SOAP Basics
Chapter 11: .NET Web Services

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Summary of Contents

Chapter 1: Evolution Of Web Services
Chapter 2: Internet Transport Protocols: An HTTP and SMTP Primer
Chapter 3: SOAP Basics
Chapter 4: WSDL: the Web Services Definition Language
Chapter 5: SOAP Bindings
Chapter 6: Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
Chapter 7: UDDI Implementations
Chapter 8: Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0
Chapter 9: Other SOAP Implementations
Chapter 10: Java Web Service Implementations
Chapter 11: .NET Web Services
Chapter 12: Developing Web Services With Python
Chapter 13: Web Services Security
Chapter 14: Case Study: A Java Filesystem Web Service
Chapter 15: Case Study: Wrox Online Auction Domain
Appendix A: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1
Appendix B: Web Services Description Language WSDL) 1.1
Appendix C: UDDI 2.0 Data Types
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