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Web Services Business Strategies and Architectures
Authors: Kapil Apshankar, Henry Chang, Mike Clark, Eduardo B. Fernandez, Peter Fletcher, Whitney Hanikson, J. Jeffrey Hanson, Romin Irani, Kunal Mittal, Judith M. Myerson, David O'Riordan, Dimple Sadhwani, Gunjan Samtani, Bilal Siddiqui, Mark Waterhouse, Jørgen Thelin, Chanoch Wiggers, Liang-Jie Zhang

Publisher: Expert Press in association with Web Services Architect

Price: $27.99 on

Pages: 346

Adopting Web Services will affect many processes within any organization. The papers in this book cover a broad spectrum from architecture to business strategies without diverting into deep technological fashions. Each study in this collection will answer specific business challenges thrown up by Web Services architectures. Before changing, commissioning, or evaluating a Web Services initiative, all IT Managers, System Architects, Lead Developers, and Business Visionaries should study and reference this book.

Topics covered in this book include:
  • Return on Investment

  • EAI, business integration, and ebXML

  • Key Web Services architectures

  • Comparison of J2EE and .NET platforms

  • Security

Table of Contents: Click here

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