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DTD, Schemas & Namespaces

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Document Type Definition (DTD)s, Schemas & Namespaces
  • What is DTD?
    The Document Type Definition (DTD) defines the valid syntax of a class of XML documents. That is, it lists a number of element names, which elements can appear in combination with other ones, what attributes are available for each element type, etc. A DTD uses a different syntax (namely Extended Backus Naur Form) from that used by XML documents.

  • What is Schema?
    A schema - in an XML parlance, is used to describe the possible data content of a document in a very rigorous and formal way. Much like a contract or a treaty is used to spell out the terms of a business or formal social agreement, a schema is used to codify the intention to use a particular set of mark-up tag names, and combine the tags in a particular order.
    Schema specification links:
    External linkXML Schema Part 0: Primer
    External linkXML Schema Part 1: Structures
    External linkXML Schema Part 2: Datatypes

  • Be sure to check out A Quick Guide to XML Schema.

  • What is Namespace?
    XML Namespaces provide a simple method for qualifying element and attribute names used in Extensible Markup Language documents by associating them with namespaces identified by URI references. XML Namespaces are the solution to the problem of ambiguity and name collisions.

    Official Namespace Specification is External linkhere.
We'll be adding new sections here soon. Till then enjoy the following articles.

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