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Linking & Querying

Subsections to be added soon

Linking and Querying

  • What is XLink?
    XML Linking Language (XLink), allows elements to be inserted into XML documents in order to create and describe links between resources. It uses XML syntax to create structures that can describe the simple unidirectional hyperlinks of today's HTML, as well as more sophisticated links.

    Official W3C XLink Specification is External linkhere.

  • What is XPath?
    XPath is a language for addressing parts of an XML document, designed to be used by both XSLT and XPointer.

    Official XPath Specification is External linkhere.

  • What is XPointer?
    XML Pointer Language (XPointer), is the language to be used as the basis for a fragment identifier for any URI reference that locates a resource of Internet media type text/xml or application/xml.

    XPointer, which is based on the XML Path Language (XPath), supports addressing into the internal structures of XML documents. It allows for examination of a hierarchical document structure and choice of its internal parts based on various properties, such as element types, attribute values, character content, and relative position.

    Official XPointer Specification is External linkhere.
We'll be adding new sections here soon. Till then enjoy the following articles.

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