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Infonyte GmbH
We scale your XML
Primary Offerings: Product(s)
Consulting / Professional Services
About Infonyte GmbH: Infonyte GmbH, located in Darmstadt, is a startup company of Fraunhofer's Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute (IPSI). The company has been partly funded by a public grant from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

Infonyte's core business is the development and marketing of a lightweight database product specialized in storage, retrieval and processing of data encoded in XML. Infonyte's products distinguish themselves through their lightweight and scalable implementation. Having a remarkably small footprint regarding memory, CPU, and storage they can be used on a variety of devices ranging from handhelds to server systems.

Infonyte DB is a novel tool for the scalable processing of XML that integrates seamlessly with existing IT architectures. It provides a native XML store and supports efficient and scalable XML processing with the prevalent XML transformation and query languages recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Infonyte DB processes any well-formed XML without being constrained by a particular schema or DTD. Thereby, typical weaknesses of traditional database technology for XML processing, including the need for rigid schema definitions and complicated mappings to a different data model, are avoided.

Infonyte PXSLT is an XSLT processor that scales to datavolumes in the multiple Gigabyte range. With Infonyte PXSLT you can leverage on XSLT's expressive power and ease of use to build scalable and maintainable high performance solutions for XML-based webservices, webpublishing, data integration, content syndication, and messaging systems that otherwise require a zoo of scripts, application programs, and databases.

Infonyte PDOM is a persistent implementation of the W3C DOM API for XML. With Infonyte PDOM you can create, explore, query, and modify XML documents in the multiple Gigabyte range with constant and moderate main memory consumption. With Infonyte PDOM Collections you can additionally utilize the rich family of XML Standards on large document collections.

The Infonyte XML Workbench is a graphical XML authoring environment for large documents and document collections. Seamlessly integrated with the native XML database Infonyte DB, it supports performant creation, modification, exploration, querying, and transformation of documents in the Gigabyte range with only moderate and constant main memory consumption. Implemented in 100% Java, it runs on any Java compliant platform.
-- Source: Infonyte GmbH Web site
Address: Julius-Reiber-Str. 15
D-64293 Darmstadt
Contact Details:
Phone: +49 (0) 700 INFONYTE
Fax: +49 (0) 6151 869 6780

Web site
W3C Member: Yes OASIS Member: No WS-I Member: No

Last Updated: Jan 5 2003

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