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Directory Listing of Organizations Offering XML/Web Services Solutions and Services

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Infravio, Inc.
Management Solutions for Enterprise Web Services
Primary Offerings: Product(s)
About Infravio, Inc.: Founded in 1999, Infravio is a Silicon Valley-based company that provides leading-edge Web Services software and professional services to today's dominant global enterprises. Infravio's flagship product - the Infravio Web Services Management System (WSMS) - equips companies with a comprehensive platform for Web Services development, management and execution. Infravio is pioneering the era of global, enterprise Web Services by allowing its customers to exchange data and functionality with unprecedented flexibility and speed. Thanks to the efficiencies and cost savings gained by the Infravio WSMS, our customers enjoy significant competitive advantages in software development and integration.

Infravio is a leading provider of Web Services software and professional services to Global 2000 companies. Infravio is the only company that provides a comprehensive platform for the development, management and execution of Web Services, producing the fastest ROI for Web Services initiatives.

The Infravio Web Services Management System (WSMS) is the first comprehensive platform for the development, management and execution of Web Services. The Infravio WSMS enables your organization to easily enable existing applications as Web Services, as well as build new Web Services from the ground up. By leveraging an XML-based management model, Infravio provides your company a single point of command over the development, lifecycle management and runtime execution of all of your Web Services, improving developer productivity and reducing ongoing maintenance costs. It is also the only solution that can incorporate any standard Web Services model or schema, providing your company with thousands of Web Services out of the box.
-- Source: Infravio, Inc. Web site
Address: 810 Winslow Street
Redwood City, CA 94063-1608
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-650-381-3000
Fax: 1-650-474-2610

Web site
W3C Member: No OASIS Member: No WS-I Member: No

Last Updated: Jan 6 2003

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