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Mindreef, LLC.
See your SOAP. The first diagnostic tool for Web services is now available.
Primary Offerings: Product(s)
About Mindreef, LLC.: Mindreef develops a Web services diagnostic system that provides value through the entire software development life cycle of SOAP-based solutions. Mindreef products collect information about SOAP transactions and use the collected information to provide visibility and insight into Web services communications through features such as logging, debugging, and reporting. Mindreef products offer value for client application developers, service developers, testers, and support staff.

Mindreef SOAPscope is an easy-to-use, toolkit independent diagnostic aid for developers, testers and application support technicians who must isolate Web Services problems. Our primary design goal with SOAPscope was to create the best logger/viewer for Web Services - one that is SOAP, WSDL and XML aware. Most Web Services developers and testers use some type of tracing tool to troubleshoot problems, but the available tools lack the features needed to make troubleshooting efficient. By combining a scaleable logging environment with many innovative features, Mindreef SOAPscope easily meets our original goal.

Most logging tools store the data in memory or a flat file. SOAPscope stores the log in an embedded relational database. This gives users greater flexibility when slicing, dicing, and filtering to quickly locate the target messages. By embedding the database we have made installation a snap.

SOAPscope offers three ways to hook into the SOAP stream for logging. Sniffer mode allows for quick and easy startup without any code modification. For finer grained data collecting or for situations where you don't have access to a sniffable network entry point, SOAPscope supports proxy mode and port forwarding.

Pseudocode View greatly simplifies the interpretation of XML in a SOAP packet or a WSDL file. It can reduce pages of tedious, complex XML to a few lines of pseudocode. Most of the time, viewing raw XML gets in your way. At other times, you need to see the raw XML to find a subtle problem. SOAPscope gives you both views.

Sometimes a Web Service may not behave the way you expect and you wish to experiment with different values. If you have access to the source code you must rebuild for each try, and if you don't have the source code it's a tougher problem. With Modify/Resend you can quickly try new values and re-send the SOAP packet to the service without leaving SOAPscope. It is also good for ad hoc testing of boundary and error conditions. And since you can modify the endpoint, you can use it to quickly test a service you have just updated.
-- Source: Mindreef, LLC. Web site
Address: 22 Proctor Hill Road
Hollis, NH 03049
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-603-465-2204
Fax: 1-603-465-6583

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W3C Member: No OASIS Member: No WS-I Member: Yes

Last Updated: Jan 29 2003

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