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Directory Listing of Organizations Offering XML/Web Services Solutions and Services

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Xtradyne Technologies AG
Secure Internet Technologies
Primary Offerings: Product(s)
About Xtradyne Technologies AG: We at Xtradyne have made it our goal to break down one of the last barriers to business-to-business system integration, namely the problem of security. Enterprise security plays a key role in any e-business strategy. Xtradyne's products enable large and medium-size companies to quickly and easily extend their internal systems to customers, suppliers and partners without compromising on security or performance. The pluggability of Xtradyne's software enables a seamless integration, saving development costs and delays to get the job done. Xtradyne Technologies AG is a fully independent company based in Berlin, Germany. All software development is carried out in Berlin at our Schoenhauser Allee facilities. Sales and Marketing is based in Eschborn, close to Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Xtradyne's Domain Boundary Controller product suite is designed to be extremely secure and easy to use, saving development costs and enabling companies to quickly gain a competitive advantage. Read more about the customer benefits provided by Xtradyne's Pluggable Security.

The SOAP Content Inspector (SCI) or Web Service-Domain Boundary Controller (WS-DBC) is a SOAP Firewall that protects Web Services. The SCI enables end-to-end security and performs message analysis, authentication, authorization and auditing.

Xtradyne Technologiesrecently announced the Web Services Security Domain Boundary Controller (WS-DBC), a comprehensive security solution to securely expose Web Services across network domains. The WS-DBC is a platform and vendor neutral SOAP gateway that implements Web Services standards including SOAP, WSDL, WS-Security, SAML, and XML Digital Signature. The WS-DBC can be easily integrated into existing Web Services infrastrucures without modifying application and provides WS-Security and unified security management across platforms, such as Microsoft .NET, IBM WebSphereTM, BEA WebLogic, Java WSDK, IONA ASP, and Systinet WASP.
-- Source: Xtradyne Technologies AG Web site
Address: Schoenhauser Allee 6/7
Berlin Germany
Contact Details:
Phone: +49-30-44 03 06-19
Fax: +49-30-44 03 06-78

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W3C Member: No OASIS Member: No WS-I Member: No

Last Updated: Apr 8 2003

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