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Directory Listing of Organizations Offering XML/Web Services Solutions and Services

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Based on its breakthrough XML technology, Xyleme has bridged the chasm between these two extremes creating a content storage solution that combines massive scalability, vast efficiency, unmatched query precision, and unlimited flexibility for accessing and distributing content.
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About Xyleme: Xyleme provides breakthrough content solutions that are based on XML and database technologies. Our solutions enable leading publishers, financial service providers, and governmental organizations to fully exploit the value of their information.

Our flagship product, Xyleme Zone Server, is a native XML repository that combines massive scalability, unmatched query precision, and unlimited flexibility to meet the real-world needs of our clients and partners for storing, accessing, syndicating, repurposing and distributing high value content. Xyleme Zone Server helps companies benefit from the implicit structure of their content, even when this content is unstructured. Xyleme’s success stories cover a wide variety of content types, including news articles, financial research, legal documents, IT governance, complex financial transactions, and more. Xyleme Zone Server was designed to respond to the real world issues regarding this varying, semi-structured nature of content. Using its native XML technology, Xyleme Zone Server creates a repository of intelligently structured XML content, providing the maximum level of precision, flexibility and efficiency, so that organizations fully exploit the value of their large corpus of information.

Xyleme’s origins began within INRIA--a French national computer science research lab that is recognized as one of world’s top research institutions. We invested more than 80 person years to develop a solution that is capable of handling massive volumes of XML data in a variety of formats, and providing lightning-fast, normalized data delivery to applications and users.

Xyleme is a privately held company. Its primary investors include Société Générale, Viventures, Deutsche Bank and Crédit Mutuel du Nord.

Xyleme currently operates in France and the United Kingdom, and plans to open offices in other countries in the near future.
-- Source: Xyleme Web site
Address: 6 rue Emile Verhaeren
92210 Saint-Cloud, France
Contact Details:
Phone: +33.(0)
Fax: +33.(0)
Blackwell House
Guildhall Yard
London EC2V 5AE
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44.(0)207.917.6818
Fax.: +44.(0)207.439.0262

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