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Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
Cyclone Commerce creates Open Business Connections that enable Collabarative Commerce between enterprises and companies of all sizes by providing products that rapidly connect and manage trading partners over the Internet.
Primary Offerings: Product(s)
About Cyclone Commerce, Inc.: Cyclone Commerce is the leading provider of collaborative community management solutions for the enterprise. Cyclone's suite of products enables "Open Business Connections" that simply connect trading partners over the Internet. Open Business Connections are up and running in hours and allow any business to rapidly and securely exchange business critical information across their entire value chain without asking partners to change their existing IT infrastructure. Open Business Connections provide rapid connectivity for your value chain. But as your community grows, so does the complexity of managing these dynamic relationships. Trading Community Management solutions from Cyclone Commerce help you rapidly connect your trading partners together, collaborate with your partners and manage your trading communities -- so you can fully leverage the Internet to optimize your value chain.
-- Source: Cyclone Commerce, Inc. Web site
Address: 8388 E. Hartford Drive, Suite 100
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255, USA
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-480-627-1800
Fax: 1-480-627-1801

Web site
W3C Member: Yes OASIS Member: Yes WS-I Member: Yes

Last Updated: Jan 4 2003

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