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Directory Listing of Organizations Offering XML/Web Services Solutions and Services

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Oblix, Inc.
Identity-Base Security Solutions™
Primary Offerings: Product(s)
About Oblix, Inc.: Oblix enables companies to secure and manage e-business. Our market proven enterprise identity management (EIM) and Web access control solution, Oblix NetPoint, provides global enterprises with a unified, security infrastructure that scales with your growing e-business.

Oblix is an active member of the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee (SSTC) and is highly supportive of the efforts underway for standardization. Oblix is committed to being one of the first vendors to deliver a SAML-compliant product to the market in the form of Oblix NetPoint. This will be delivered soon after the ratification of SAML 1.0. What SAML features will Oblix provide in NetPoint?

The NetPoint SAML implementation provides the SOAP over HTTP binding of the SAML protocol, including the Authentication, Attribute and Authorization Decision Queries. These queries allow SAML-enabled applications to retrieve SAML assertions with information about subjects in a security domain protected by NetPoint.

NetPoint SAML also implements the Web SSO Browser/Artifact and Browser/POST profiles, which allow web browser users to sign in once to a web site protected by one SAML-compliant security product and transfer to another web site protected by a different SAML-compliant product, without having to sign in again. NetPoint can be used to protect either the originating site (the producer) or the receiving site (the consumer), or both.
-- Source: Oblix, Inc. Web site
Address: 18922 Forge Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA
Contact Details:
Toll-free: 1-800-438-0626
Phone: 1-408-861-6800
Fax: 1-408-861-6810
Web site
W3C Member: Yes OASIS Member: Yes WS-I Member: No

Last Updated: Jan 5 2003

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