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The worldwide leader in VoiceXML Gateways, Development Environments, and Tools.
Primary Offerings: Product(s)
Consulting / Professional Services
About VoiceGenie: VoiceGenie is the leading VoiceXML Gateway solutions company, enabling the world’s leading organizations to deliver powerful voice-enabled services to their customers and employees, anywhere, anytime.

VoiceGenie provides carrier-grade VoiceXML Gateway Solutions that enable telecom carriers and enterprises to develop and deploy sophisticated speech-enabled Internet and data services. The VoiceGenie VoiceXML Gateway is the best-selling platform of its kind. It delivers the highest levels in scalability, robustness, and reliability, engineered in a completely open standards based architecture.

With VoiceXML - the standard language for creating telephony voice-user interfaces - speech recognition application development is greatly simplified by using familiar Web infrastructure and tools. Any telephone can access VoiceXML applications via VoiceGenie's VoiceXML Gateway. VoiceGenie is the first company to ship a fully compliant VoiceXML Gateway supporting multiple speech and text-to-speech engines. VoiceGenie continues to enhance its VoiceXML solutions, integrating unique features and support capabilities not available in competing products. VoiceGenie is privately held and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with partner and VAR representation around the world.
-- Source: VoiceGenie Web site
Address: 1120 Finch Avenue West, 8th floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3J 3H7
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-416-736-0905
Fax: 1-416-736-1551
Web site
W3C Member: Yes OASIS Member: No WS-I Member: No

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