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Killdara Corporation
Vitiris 2.0 Web Services Platform: The evolution of Intelligent Connectivity
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About Killdara Corporation: Killdara is a software vendor located in Almonte, Ontario, and New York, NY. Launched in late 1999 in partnership with leading VC firms, Killdara is now delivering product to customers building large-scale, secure XML connectivity networks. Many of the world's most successful enterprise software vendors and consultants have selected Killdara to provide a secure messaging framework for their projects, especially in the demanding healthcare sector.

When we released our first generation of award-winning software products in Oct 2000, we described them as best we could at the time: "automated, secure XML servers for business community integration." Now, the industry has caught up to us and there is a new label for what we do: “Grid Web Services”. Open, standard Web Services delivered using the Grid Computing model: thousands of small servers on the edges of the network. Our servers wrap a robust Web Services presence around existing software applications - even simple desktop applications.

Killdara has earned a solid reputation on the cutting edge of the emerging Web Services sector with dozens of conference presentations and tutorials. Our focus is practical, highlighted by our participation in ten public interoperability demos for ebXML, Health Level 7, the Open Applications Group and other standards groups. These demos allowed Killdara to demonstrate compatibility with forty-plus other XML and EAI vendors.

Behind all of this rapidly evolving technology, we see our mission very clearly: The evolution of intelligent connectivity.

Killdara provides distributed gateways for large-scale application networks. Our unique vision is Web Services deployed in a Grid architecture, pushing data collection, translation, and security functions out to the edges of the network.

Working with some of the world's largest solution providers, Killdara offers lightweight, secure, intelligent endpoints for constructing electronic data exchange networks.

You can think of our Vitiris2.0 server as a 'distributed hub'. Or as mass deployment EAI middleware. Or as a micro-portal for Web Services. Our Java software appliances are designed for installation at the smaller sites which require a simple but full-featured on-ramp for the emerging government and business communities.
-- Source: Killdara Corporation Web site
Address: 77 Mill Street
Almonte, ON, Canada
K0A 1A0
Contact Details:
Toll-free: 1-877-339-0099
Phone: 1-613-256-8685
Fax: 1-613-256-8710
Web site
W3C Member: No OASIS Member: No WS-I Member: No

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