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Select Business Solutions
Select XMLSync: the groundbreaking extension to the industry leading Component-Based Modeling tool suite
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About Select Business Solutions: Aonix Corporation, a Gores Technology Group portfolio company recently announced the divestiture of its Critical Development Solutions (CDS) division to an investment team lead by former senior management of the division.

The divestiture of the CDS division will allow each company to focus more intensely on their respective markets. As a result of the divestiture, Aonix Corporation will be renamed, Select Business Solutions ( Select Business Solutions will focus directly on the commercial IT sector, while the new CDS company, which will operate under the “Aonix” name, will focus on the Space, Avionics, Defense, Transportation and Industry sectors.

Select Business Solutions, a member of Gores Technology Group (, is a leading international software company with customers drawn from the Global 1000.

Select XMLSync
: the groundbreaking extension to the industry leading Component-Based Modeling tool suite. Select XMLSync features include XML Schema generation into .XSD files from Select Component Architect™ UML models plus Select Component Architect automatic UML model generation from XML Schema (.XSD files)

selectxml: At Select Business Solutions we have been working with organizations implementing XML-based architectures since 1999. To ensure that your XML Schema matches the interfaces of the components which use the data, our tools automatically generate XML Schema from your UML models. This helps ensure the quality of your schema and speeds up the task, through automation.

You may make changes to your XML Schema files and these can be reflected in your UML models. This allows your investment in modeling to be maintained, through full round-trip engineering. An additional benefit of this XML Schema Reverse-Engineering stems from the availability of industry XML Schemas and your existing XML Schemas. These can be reversed into UML models, to help you understand the schemas and also gives you a starting point for application design and development.

selectwebservices: At Select Business Solutions, we have been implementing web service based architectures for a number of years. This experience has fed in to our products, which allow you to design applications that utilize web services, browse and search UDDI servers, import WSDL(to help you understand it), design and export WSDL plus handle all your XML needs. The Select Business Solutions products provides the most comprehensive WSDL and XML tool set you are likely to find.
-- Source: Select Business Solutions Web site
Address: 6260 Lookout Road
Boulder, CO 80301
Contact Details:
Toll-free: 1-888-472-7347
Fax: 1-303-305-4116

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