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A new developers toolset to transform data to sharable XML
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About Crediware: Crediware L. L. C. is a limited liability company formed in 2001. We are located in Summit, New Jersey. We are a group of industry veterans in software development, credit processing, financial services and internet consulting. We formed Crediware to be able to develop and sell credible software products that meet clients business needs. We believe in the highest standards of software design, development and testing to ensure a product that meets our high quality standards.

Crediware develops software solutions based on Internet technology, with an open Java and XML based architecture, which integrate quickly and easily with other business infrastructure. Crediware current software solutions are Credit Server and CredibleXML, software products that were developed following our high standards for design, development and testing. We support these products adhering to the same high standards of client support for our credible software.

CredibleXML receives XML Journal Reader's Choice award in Best XML Development Tool and Best XML Integration Tool categories.

CredibleXML is a Java development tool that helps in creation of applications that need to extract, transform and export valid XML from any structured data file or feeds such as EDI, reports, invoices, log files, CSV, and other business data generated from any computer system. Integrating structured data into the enterprise often proves difficult, because of the complex format structure and data relationships that make it difficult to parse the data and convert it into different formats.

Developing the parser and conversion process for one of these documents is a time consuming process, but when tens or hundreds of different format types need to be transformed, the task starts becoming a full time project for multiple developers. CredibleXML helps developers by automatically generating data parsing and conversion to XML routines, allowing them to concentrate on the business logic of their applications.
-- Source: Crediware Web site
Address: 61 Blackburn Road
Summit, NJ 07901
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-908-273-7874
Fax: 1-520-752-8657

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