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Exegenix Canada Inc.
Exegenix solves the problems of content conversion using a revolutionary approach that allows any printable document, regardless of its complexity, to be quickly and cost-effectively transformed into XML.
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About Exegenix Canada Inc.: Exegenix, an innovator in content conversion solutions, enables organizations of any size to realize the benefits of XML through a unique technology that reliably and cost-effectively transforms an organization's new and legacy content into XML.

The Exegenix Conversion System is a new solution designed to help solve a very real issue facing organizations today—how to minimize the costs of XML content conversion.

The Exegenix Conversion System automates the XML conversion process using a revolutionary approach that allows printable documents to be quickly and cost-effectively transformed into XML. And, by allowing manual intervention when required, the Exegenix Conversion System offers a flexible framework to support your organization’s unique conversion workflow.

The Exegenix Conversion System can convert into XML any file that can be printed to PostScript™ or PDF.
-- Source: Exegenix Canada Inc. Web site
Address: 2490 Bloor St. W. Suite 200
Toronto, ON M6S 1R4
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-416-762-2433
Fax: 1-416-762-2453

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