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E-XMLMedia develops and distributes an XML toolkit for the manipulation of XML documents as data and for the manipulation of data as XML document.
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About E-XMLMEDIA: E-XMLMedia develops and distributes an XML toolkit for the manipulation of XML documents as data and for the manipulation of data as XML document. The toolkit provides support for data entry that generates XML documents, insertion of XML documents into a relational database, the extraction and transformation of relational data into XML documents, the direct storage of XML documents into a repository, and the support for an XML interface to legacy data sources so that they appear to be a single repository of XML documents. This functionality is provided in a single, integrated, coherent toolkit.

The e-XMLMedia toolkit consists of a collection of components integrated into the distributed architecture of the client. The result is a platform for the manipulation of XML as document and the manipulation of data as XML. This platform provides an effective and efficient basis for the development of applications that
  • Use a large number of forms for data entry,
  • Transfer XML into or out of a relational database,
  • Store large quantities of XML data, or
  • Integrate with legacy data sources.
In order to facilitate the use of XML in the implementation of Intranet and Internet applications, e-XMLMedia offers a suite of XML- and Java-based components for transforming, integrating, storing, querying and publishing information distributed within an enterprise. The components of this suite facilitate the construction of applications that manage or generate XML documents. XML is stored in a relational database system, exchanged with applications (for B2B applications), used to construct enterprise-wide portals, and serves as the bases of data exchange between applications and services on the Web. The components may be used independently or integrated into a three-tier architecture, for example part of an EAI system or part of a system that federates data (a heterogeneous data integration).
  • The Repository provides storage and query access to XML documents in a relational database. This component extends the functionality of existing relational databases and provides a dual XML and relational basis for access to XML documents.
  • The Mediator is a tool for querying multiple, heterogeneous, distribute, data sources. This federation of data sources are integrated and presented as a single homogeneous repository of data. Query results are presented as XML documents as define by each query.
  • The XMLizer provides a mapping relationship between XML documents and relational database. The tool permits the flexible extraction of data, the transformation of data into an arbitrary XML document, and the insertion (or loading) of the XML into an existing, predefined, set of relational tables
  • The XFE - XFORMS Engine - provides a one-stop document source for forms based data entry. A web developer defines a simple form in the XFORMS XML standard. The interaction between the browser and the application program is completely handled by XFE. After the user finishes interaction with the browser, a valid XML document representing the result of data entry is available to the application developer.

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Address: 254 Yardley Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-412-951-4558
Fax: 1-412-406-7093

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