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Directory Listing of Organizations Offering XML/Web Services Solutions and Services

A leading provider of software for Web Services management. WestGlobal enables companies who are deploying Web Services to proactively manage these services to gain maximum business value from application integration and enterprise software investments.
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About WestGlobal: WestGlobal provides solutions for monitoring, management and performance improvement of software services, most importantly Web Services. WestGlobal enables companies to reduce IT costs by substantially improving the performance of integration systems.

mScape™ 2.0 provides the most comprehensive features for the monitoring and performance management of your integration software and software services. The product family is comprised of six modules.

WestGlobal solutions deliver significant value to organizations with existing integration investments or Web Service deployments and on new system integration projects. By improving understanding and performance, WestGlobal solutions can solve performance problems within a a week and generate a positive ROI with as little as one month. Our flagship product, WestGlobal mScape™ is built on patented technology.

mScape provides IT staff with a visual map of the inter-relationship between service requesters, software services and the underlying software components which provide these services. This unique approach provides a clarity of understanding when integrating systems, which was hitherto unavailable. mScape enables you to monitor the behavior of your services and components, to optimize their performance to support your most important lines of business. WestGlobal mScape™ gives business managers the power to monitor and dynamically manage integration software and software services in real-time.
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Address: 1057 Via Baja
California 94549
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-925-299-1231
WestGlobal Ltd.
9 Exchange Place
International Financial Services Centre
Dublin 1

T: +353 1 611-5100

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