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Creator of XSDesigner and XSForms for Pocket PCs.
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About GrandaSoft: GrandaSoft is a spin-off from PICA AG out of Germany and has been in the coming since 2001. XSDesigner and XSForms for Pocket PCs are the first two products intended for the commercial market. The beta phases were completed as of November 2003. However; even version 1.0 is free of charge at this time.

Robert Wanner, a veteran programmer, created XSDesigner and XSForms out of the sheer public need for an absolutely user-friendly database program to gather data from various sources rather quickly. Both programs are easily adaptable to any business or private use taking advantage of the latest software development tools. They beat and supersede any and all database programs for Pocket PCs on the market in ease-of-use and speed. Pocket PCs are turned into workhorses rather than just simple notepads or primitive game machines.

As the market share for Pocket PCs increases exponentially the need for high quality software becomes more and more apparent. GrandaSoft is unique in that it specializes in the development of top quality XML based form solution components for Microsoft Windows and Pocket PCs.

Capture data on the fly with XSForms on your Pocket PC. Use your stylus, fingers, or a barcode scanner. All data can be organized, sorted, and filtered for fast review. Gathered data can be transmitted with the push of a button from the PocketPC to a back-end server for processing; even wireless transmission is possible.

Generate high-value, form-based, powerful database applications for your personal and professional needs with XSDesigner in minutes without any programming knowledge or database knowledge at all. No more need for five different programs to sort through all your addresses, categorize your movie or music collection, inventory your wines or breeding dogs, track your customers orders, or balance your credit card and bank accounts. This one program replaces all other database programs you might have bought or still need.

-- Source: GrandaSoft Web site
Address: z.Hd. Robert Wanner
Kalkofenstr. 22
D-86438 Kissing
Contact Details:
Fax: (01212) 5 106 03 597

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Last Updated: Nov 27 2003

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