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About us


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As XML rapidly complemented HTML as the defacto "interchange language" of the web, a strong need for an independent, authoritative community site for XML was felt. PerfectXML was started to fill that need - by people actually using and teaching XML in their daily lives.

PerfectXML is located in Schaumburg, Illinois. We have a core technical team with experience in XML technologies, Web Services, .NET, and enterprise applications.

The main focus of PerfectXML is XML and related technologies for business people and technologists - both from a practitioner and learner perspective. To that end, PerfectXML provides thousands of best quality, well-organized links, as well as offers other services to XML community in the form of articles, software and tools listing, tutorials, book excerpts, news updates, searchable knowledgebase articles, & much more.

In the words of Paul Kulchenko, a well known authority on XML/SOAP, " is a great source of well-organized information on XML, XSL, SOAP and related technologies. Links, articles, and tutorials -- informative and up-to-date! Exact place to start from..."

We continue to strive to be the best source for all things XML - our growing XML community interactions and visitors on the site are helping us towards that goal. We have several enhancements planned in the coming weeks - stay tuned for details. If you have suggestions or want to partner with us on a variety of fronts, please contact us at . For all other questions or comments, please contact us at .





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