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home » news » Announcements » Ektron CMS300, an “enterprise Web content management” solution, features new XML and Web Services functionality Sun, Nov 5, 2006
Ektron CMS300, an “enterprise Web content management” solution, features new XML and Web Services functionality
At AIIM 2003, Ektron will showcase easy-to-use, scalable Web content management software for managing both XML and HTML in Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion or PHP environments

April 7, 2003, Amherst, NH . . . The creation, publishing and management of content within an organization can be complex, especially when content is shared on the Web. To further simplify this process, Ektron CMS300 version 2.5 offers new Web Services features. Additional enhancements include new Oracle support and new editing functionality from Ektron’s market-leading editor, eWebEditPro+XML. With these enhancements, Ektron CMS300 truly becomes an enterprise-class Web content management system. Ektron CMS 300 version 2.5 will be showcased at Booth #2965 at AIIM, a leading content management event, in New York City, April 7-9, and will ship on April 18, 2003.

Ektron CMS300 is the first easy-to-use, browser-based XML content management solution that is Web services-enabled. It includes XSLT support, XML validation through DTDs and Schemas, multi-step workflow and an open API for extendibility. Users with little technical knowledge can create XML content in a word-processor or forms-like environment.

The market for XML content lifecycle solutions will grow from $1.8 billion in 2003 to over $11.6 billion by 2008, according to a January 2003 report from leading XML analyst firm, Zapthink.

“With so much time, cost and effort invested in content, it makes sense to reduce costs by reusing content as much as possible,” says Zapthink’s Ronald Schmelzer. “By re-architecting content representation technologies to treat content as another asset in the corporate IT infrastructure, businesses can realize the benefits long promised by reusable and agile content. XML and Web Services are key to a transition that can help organizations maximize the value of content.”

With Web Services, the barriers associated with the Web due to dissimilar platforms are removed. This allows Ektron CMS300 to serve managed content to a variety of heterogeneous systems. With Web Services, content can be consumed by a variety of clients, independent of operating system, programming language, or Web server.

“As Web Services become more prevalent and standards evolve for content sharing, Windows-based solutions will be able to share content with non-Windows solutions and visa-versa,” says Kevin Migliozzi, Ektron’s chief technology officer. “Web services allow content management to take on a new face -- to truly manage content in a global environment.”

Beyond new Oracle support, CMS300 version 2.5 adds automatic image upload when pasting from Microsoft Word, commenting features for collaboration, search and replace in WYSIWYG and HTML mode, and other editor enhancements.

A component-based solution priced under $20,000, Ektron CMS300 is commonly deployed in just hours within Microsoft ASP, ASP.Net, ColdFusion and PHP environments. For high-end or organization-specific needs, this solution can be readily customized or extended. Ektron CMS300 is one member of Ektron’s family of content management solutions. Ektron CMS200 is a full-featured, scalable system for low- to high-end deployments, and Ektron CMS100 is an entry-level solution for a limited number of end-users.

About Ektron
Ektron is redefining Web content management with solutions that give end-users a familiar, intuitive environment, and give Web developers flexible, easy-to-understand options for customization. With pricing under $20,000, Ektron’s CMS solutions deliver radically low total-cost-of-ownership. Worldwide, nearly 7,000 organizations, 300 partners and many international distributors rely on Ektron to solve real-world content management and authoring problems.

Beth Strohbusch
Ektron PR Director

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