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matterCast Announces SVG Imprint
Columbus, Ohio May 6th. 2003 - Following up on the SVG Document-Server demonstration site, matterCast Inc. today announced the release of SVG Imprint 1.0 - a suite of products for converting industry standard Portable Document Format (PDF) documents to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents.

The SVG Imprint product suite consists of desktop applications for single and batch conversions of PDF documents to SVG, as well as a software development kit that enables the integration of the conversion engine into server based enterprise applications. All the applications of the SVG Imprint suite, as well as the SDK are available for trial and purchase from matterCast Inc.’s web site. 

SVG Imprint provides a foundation for moving towards SVG documents by -

  • Retaining the exact layout of the PDF documents
  • Conversion of large repositories of PDF documents in batch mode
  • Maintaining of all fonts embedded in the PDF documents
  • Maintaining internal and external links in the PDF documents
  • Optimizing the generated SVG to produce smaller files
  • Producing compressed SVG
  • Support for CMYK color space
  • Extracting raster images as separate files
  • Producing a Table of Contents XML from bookmarks in PDF
  • Allowing for easy integration with other enterprise and document management applications

matterCast also announced a licensing program for SVG Imprint that enables Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators and other software manufacturers to integrate and redistribute matterCast’s SVG Imprint engine with their desktop or server applications.

“We have had a terrific response to our SVG Document-Server demonstration site”, said Ranjiv Sharma, President, matterCast, Inc. “PDF remains the de-facto standard for documents, and enterprises have invested heavily in comprehensive workflows for producing PDF documents. However, using the SVG standard for online documents is a compelling idea that seems to be catching on. SVG documents provide the presentation quality of PDF, the navigation and dynamic qualities of HTML and the structure of XML, making them an ideal format for online documents. Our SVG Imprint SDK complements the investments enterprises have made in PDF by allowing for easy integration with existing document management and workflow applications.”

SVG Demonstration Site

matterCast will continue to host it’s SVG Demonstration Site, to highlight some of the capabilities of its SVG solutions. The site provides samples of SVG documents converted from PDF, using SVG Imprint. The demonstration site also allows for the uploading of PDF documents and on the fly conversion to SVG.

About SVG

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is a W3C Standard and has the support of leading industry veterans including Microsoft, Adobe, Sun, IBM, Cannon, HP, Kodak, Quark among others. SVG is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML. Because it is vector based, SVG figures can scale to fit small devices like hand-held as well as large monitors, without losing fidelity, thus making your documents more portable than ever.

About matterCast

matterCast, Inc. is a provider of products, services and solutions for the distribution and management of published digital content. matterCast’s services include consulting, planning, design and development to help customers identify and achieve their strategic digital distribution objectives including content handling, management and conversion, metadata management, digital rights management, content syndication and channel management. For more information visit

Contact Information

Ranjiv Sharma
matterCast, Inc. 

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