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home » news » Announcements » SEAGULL Announces New Tool to Generate ASP.NET Applications Based on Web Services Sun, Nov 5, 2006
SEAGULL Announces New Tool to Generate ASP.NET Applications Based on Web Services

LegaSuite" Web Services Studio Accelerates Assembly of Web Services Applications and User Interfaces

Atlanta - May 28, 2003 - SEAGULL (AEX: SEAGULL), the leading provider of legacy evolution software solutions, today announced LegaSuite Web Services Studio, an innovative power tool to compose new Web-services-based applications and user interfaces through drag-and-drop, model-based assembly, without programming.

"As IT organizations in enterprises around the world are faced with an increasing backlog of demands from the business, pressure is mounting to deliver the requisite software support more quickly, consistently and efficiently," said Andre den Haan, SEAGULL's vice president of product strategy. "IT management is finding that traditional 'we'll-just-code- it' application development can't keep up with demand, and they're looking for new approaches to application delivery. LegaSuite Web Services Studio is an exciting new way for developers to design, model and deploy business applications with speed."

LegaSuite Web Services Studio allows business analysts and developers to catalog Web services, model workflows, and generate the corresponding application and user interface - all with no programming. LegaSuite Web Services Studio increases developer productivity and speeds up an enterprise's ability to create agile, composite applications customized to meet the specific business requirements of the end-user.

"With LegaSuite Web Services Studio, the business analyst sees only the business logic flow and the business function," said Jason Hamlin, chief technology officer for Nexsys, LLC. "Using LegaSuite Web Services Studio, we were able to automate a complex series of business functions in a visual development environment and create a powerful Web-based solution driven by the business requirements in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development."

LegaSuite Web Services Studio is comprised of a visual, drag-and-drop workflow modeler, rich UI designer and ASP.NET code generator. LegaSuite Web Services Studio accelerates and automates the assembly of service-oriented applications by giving a business analyst or developer the ability to:

  • Catalog a repository of available business processes
  • Compose applications by modeling workflow among granular business processes
  • Customize the user interface
  • Publish the assembled business functions as ready-to-use ASP.NET applications that can easily be integrated with other .NET applications.

LegaSuite Web Services Studio can assemble applications comprising any Web service or business function that exposes an XML interface, including those created with the programmatic integration module of the LegaSuite software platform, which wrappers legacy mainframe and iSeries business functions and exposes industry-standard WSDL and XML interfaces. Applications assembled with LegaSuite Web Services Studio are based on reusable components, and can easily be enhanced and extended as business requirements change.

"LegaSuite Web Services Studio is ideal for SEAGULL's historical target market - customers who want to leverage legacy systems in today's service-oriented architectures. This product makes it easy and cost effective to experiment with putting Web services to practical use," remarked SEAGULL senior vice president of marketing Kim Addington. "It also expands SEAGULL's addressable market to include companies who don't have any requirement for legacy services, but who want to catalog and assemble Web services into real end-user applications."

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