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home » news » Announcements » Vordel launches VordelSecure 2.0, the first enterprise-level XML security server Sun, Nov 5, 2006
Vordel launches VordelSecure 2.0, the first enterprise-level XML security server
Distributed security management product provides greater flexibility and choice in XML communications

April 9, 2003 - Dublin, Ireland - Vordel, the XML security company, today launched version 2.0 its acclaimed VordelSecure XML security server. VordelSecure 2.0 provides organizations with a high performance, scalable, enterprise security management solution to secure their XML communications.

VordelSecure implements XML security standards such as WS-Security and SAML, using a scalable, agent-based distributed architecture. This, coupled with VS Server's patent-pending high-volume design, means that Web Services are protected, and XML traffic is authenticated, across the enterprise with full load-balancing.

"Vordel plays an important role as security partner to Software AG," said Software AG's Global VP Sales and Marketing, Andreas Zeitler. "The availability of a security product such as VordelSecure is widely acknowledged as a critical factor in determining the overall success of Web Services for integration. With Vordel's continued innovation in this vital area, Software AG's products are set to maintain their leadership in the enterprise XML market."

According to Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at the Yankee Group, "XML messaging is becoming increasingly important to any enterprise offering e-business services over the Internet."

"Vordel is delivering a leading-edge XML security server in VordelSecure 2.0 that provides organizations great flexibility in deploying distributed high performance XML security," he went on. "Enterprises can be confident that their growing Web Services implementations will be based on a solid foundation of security standards."

"Mission-critical environments require security solutions that are not only scalable, but also based on open standards," said Selim Aissi, Senior Security Architect, Intel Corporation. "VordelSecure interoperates with WS-Security and SAML, and they support XKMS and XML Signatures which are technologies used by organizations deploying Web Services."

Mark O'Neill, CTO of Vordel, explained that VordelSecure 2.0 is "a significant upgrade to version 1.1". He continued: "Remaining focused on open standards, VordelSecure 2.0 introduces a distributed deployment model for organizations to secure their XML communications. It provides both XML firewalling and XML access control, and does not rely on a monolithic architecture deployed at a single point. Instead, it may be distributed across all Web Services exposed by an organization, at multiple entry and exit points. Vordel's core engine is optimized for speed, through our work with Intel."

About VordelSecure 2.0
VordelSecure secures Web Services by filtering XML traffic based on both XML content and the identity of the sender. Content filtering is performed based on target, XML format, XML content, and XML integrity; using SOAP routing, XML Schema validation, XPath evaluation, and XML Signature. Identity-based security is implemented using SAML, WS-Security, and X.509 v3 digital certificates.

The core component products of VordelSecure include:

VS Server
VS Server is a security server for XML-based traffic. Security policies are based on (a) XML data integrity, content, and format, and (b) identity, role, and entitlements of the sender. Security policies are configured using a GUI, and may be stored in any JDBC-compatible database. Reporting is performed using a highly flexible Web-based reporting tool.

VS Enforcer
VS Enforcer intercepts XML traffic at a HTTP server such as Apache or IIS, and communicates with VS-Server. Multiple lightweight Enforcer agents may be deployed on multiple SOAP endpoints as part of a single VordelSecure installation.

VS API is an API used to write a non-HTTP lightweight Enforcer application (e.g. to read XML from an MQ queue and interface with the VordelSecure security server).

VS SOAP Browser
VS SOAP Browser is a SOAP Client GUI tool, which allows an administrator of the VordelSecure suite to insert digitally signed security tokens into SOAP messages, in order to view VordelSecure Server security rules as they are enforced.

Further detailed information on VordelSecure 2.0.

About Vordel
Vordel provides security for XML communications. Vordel's flagship product, VordelSecure, is an enterprise class XML security server that allows organizations to deploy and configure security for XML based communications, both inside and outside the enterprise. It uses open standards including WS-Security and SAML to apply authentication, authorization, audit, and content validation to XML based communications. Vordel is a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Boston, USA and London, UK.

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