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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where on the IBM Web site can I find more information about the XML Certification Test 141?
A: Visit www-1.ibm.com/certify/certs/adcdxmlrt.shtml for more information on Test 141.

Q: I have read about XML and related standards, and have tried out XML@Whiz and the sample test on IBM site. I am ready to give the actual test. How and where should I register for the test?
A: Depending on where you are located, you can either register with Prometric, Inc. (www.2Test.com) OR VUE Testing Network (www.vue.com) . Contact IBM at [email protected] or at cer[email protected] for more information.

Q: What type of and how many questions are asked, and what is the passing score?
A: There are total 57 multiple-choice questions that needs to be answered in 90 minutes. To pass this exam you are required to answer 58% questions correct.

Q: Apart from the books and resources on the Web, what are other solutions that can help in better preparation for the exam?
A: WhizLabs has created an attractive test simulation software that is available here on PerfectXML. See XML@Whiz section for more details.

Q: I know XML, XPath, XSLT, Schema; but I don't know anything about SOAP or Web Services. What's the best way to learn Web Services?
A: The Sun Microsystems Web site contains excellent articles on Web Services (dcb.sun.com/practices/webservices). Also see the Web Services Focus section on perfectxml.com for links to many articles and tutorials. PerfectXML Free Library also contains many sample chapters on SOAP and Web Services.

Q: I am absolutely new to XML world, and am looking for a job change, and hence would like to prepare for IBM XML Certification. How do I start learning XML?
A: Start with Professional XML 2nd Edition. Periodically check PerfectXML IBM XML Certification Resource Web site (this Web site) for up-to-date news, resources and more such information.

Q: I have heard that the test consists of questions on XPath, XSLT, Schema syntax. Is there any Web site that provides kind of a quick reference to these technologies?
A: Yes. Click here to find out (perfectxml.com/Certify/Resources.aspx#E).

Q: I was told that there will be couple of question on XML Security. Is there any good article or book on XML security?
A: Check out the aricle The XML Security Suite: Increasing the security of e-business on IBM developerWorks Web site.

Osborne Press recently published a book dedicated to XML Security. Read Chapter 4: Introduction to XML Digital Signatures This is a PDF document from this book exclusively on perfectxml.com.

Q: Is there anything special that I need to remember to obtain good score?
A: Many people read on XML, XSLT, Schemas, etc. but they forget to also read up on XSL FO, XLink and XPointer, DOM Level 3, DTD, etc. So, remember to brush-up on these topics as well, in case a question pops up on these subjects. Also, be prepared to answer any B2B scenario questions, read and answer lengthy problem/scenario questions (but mostly with a simple answer :) ), and practice enough with XSLT, XPath and Schema syntax. And finally, (most importantly) make sure that you understand the role of each specification in XML applications.

Q: I am a Java developer, and would like to know how to use XML in e-commerce application; and I guess this would be useful for the test prep also. Any good books?

Q: Some time ago I had heard about IBM XML Certification Test 140, how is it different that test 141?
A: Test 140 recently retired (Jan 31, 2002) and is superceded by test 141.

Q: I would like to practice DOM and SAX XML Processing, XSL Transformation, Schema, etc. Which is the good tool and programming language I should use?
A: Depends. If you are on Microsoft platform (non .NET) - the best option would be play around with MSXML; If you are a Java programmer, check out various offerings from The Apache Software Foundation . Also see JDOM.

Q: Where can I find information on SAX2?
A: Check out www.saxproject.org.

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